Newspaper Nuggets — Médard Tourville (1822-1872): His Disappearance from Records Explained

The name of Médard Tourville was challenging me on my Most Wanted List for way too long. Still, I knew he died between 1871—he was listed on the Canadian Census for that year—and August 1873, when his son Olivier was married. Continue reading

Montréal Newspaper Nuggets: David Tourville (1867-1908)

We know from her obituary that Julie Tourville née Bélisle has left four children in mourning at the time of her death in 1912. Just before her, in 1908, passed away her last-born child, David Tourville. Continue reading

Montréal Newspaper Nuggets: Charles Tourville (1840-1916)

Charles Tourville is my great-great-grandfather. He was born in Lachenaie in 1840. He moved to Montréal with his parents and siblings in 1862, and married three years later my great-great-grandmother Marie-Louise Lascelle. Continue reading

Manitoba Newspaper Nuggets: Marie-Louise Tourville (née Labelle) (1858-1931)

Residential Brandon. Looking West. Credit: Albertype Company/Library and Archives Canada/PA-031622

As you may remember, some of Prosper Tourville and Julie Bélisle’s children emigrated to the West. While daughters Marie-Louise and Julia, and son Magloire (Mack) settled in Montana—Marie-Louise will actually return with third husband to Montréal—, their son Napoléon and wife Marie-Louise Labelle had chosen Brandon, Manitoba as their home—and so did Napoléon’s brother David.

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Montana Newspaper Nuggets: Julia Berube (née Tourville) (1853-1920)

I have written previously about Julie Roture dite Bélisle who married Prosper Tourville on August 25, 1845, at Notre-Dame Church, in Montréal. Many of their children went West—some in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, others in Montana, USA. Continue reading

Vermont Newspaper Nuggets, featuring the Second Vermont Regiment

Gettysburgh Soldier's National Cemetery, PA

Soldiers’ National Cemetery, Gettysburgh, PA

Watchman, Montpelier, Friday, July 28, 1865

The Second Vermont Regiment, the first of the three years’ regiments to leave the state, with one exception, is the last to return home, having reached Burlington on Wednesday. Well may it be said of it that it has seen the war through and with its valor achieved a record which few if any regiments in any army can equal.

Unfortunately, life happens and gets in the way of genealogy! I was not able to publish for a few weeks. The Vermont Project will be back next Thursday.

In the meantime, I thought I could share with you this article on the return of the Vermont Second Regiment from the Civil War. Louis Tourville was mustered out on July 15, 1865. He was one of these men.

nuggets red sample

Newspaper Nuggets: “Funeral of Joseph Germain”

Middlebury Register, Friday, August 27, 1915, Page 6

Funeral of Joseph Germain

The funeral of Joseph Germain, whose remains were brought here Saturday from the retreat at Brattleboro, where he was taken for treatment two weeks ago, was held Monday morning at 9 o’clock at St. Mary’s church. Rev. E. F. Cray officiated. The bearers were William and Lewis Germain, William Kent and Edward Chandler. The floral offering was very large, many beautiful flowers being sent from different lodges and societies. Joseph Germain was 80 years of age and an old resident of Brandon, and was well liked by all who knew him. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Joseph Benoir of Forestdale, four daughters, Mrs. Peter Blair of Pittford, Mrs. Edward Chandler of Brandon, Mrs. Felix Cole of Middlebury and Mrs. Griffith Floyd of Granville, N.Y., and two sons, Lewis Germain of Bridport, Vt., and William Germain of Binghamton, N.Y. Among those from out of town to attend the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Griffith Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones, Mrs. Edward Williams, William Kent, Miss Irene Kent and Miss Nettie Curtis of Granville, N.Y., William Germain of Binghamton, N.Y., Mrs. Peter Blair of Pittsford, Mrs. Felix Cole and three sons, Felix, Clarence and Laurence of Middlebury, and Lewis Germain of Bridport, Vt.

Joseph Germain was the widow of Nettie Tourville. He was born September 3, 1835 in Marieville, Québec. He died on August 20, 1915 in Brattleboro. You may refer to Nettie Tourville’s post here.

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Newspaper Nuggets: “Wedded at Clayton”, featuring Charles B. Tourville

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri, Tuesday, September 22, 1896, page 10


Charles B. Tourville and Miss Katherine F. Molzier Married.

Charles B. Tourville is a widower with romantic ideas. He concluded to take a wife to comfort him and look after his three children. He went out of town to get a wife and to preserve the harmonies he went out of town and got married. The lady’s  name is Katherine F. Molzier and she hails from Greenville Ill.

The couple were married at Clayton Monday. Tourville was formerly a conductor on the Southern Electric Railway.

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Newspaper Nuggets: “Fatal Accident at Shelburn”, featuring Joseph S. Germain

Tombstone of Joseph S. Germain, St. Marys Cemetery, Brandon, Vermont [From Diane Tourville's collection]

Tombstone of Joseph S. Germain, St. Marys Cemetery, Brandon, Vermont [From Diane Tourville’s collection]

Burlington Weekly Free Press, April 27, 1888, page 2


A Brakeman has Both Legs Cut off by a 
Train — His Injuries Fatal.

While the freight train which left Burlington at 3 o’clock Monday morning was shifting on a side track at Shelburn, Joseph S. Germain, a brakeman, slipped under the cars and had both legs cut off just above the knee. Part of the train was being backed, and two cars and the tender passed over the unfortunate man, but his cries were heard and the engine was stopped just before its hind wheels reached him. He was taken into the depot and Dr. Stoddard was summoned. It was decided to bring him to the Mary Fletcher hospital, and the train accordingly backed to this city, arriving about 4:30 o’clock. Continue reading

Newspaper Nuggets: “Death of Local Twin Recalls Family History”, featuring Catherine Tourville and Joseph Chappee

jersey twinsJersey County Democrat, 1932 [exact date unknow, after 27 April]


Spelling of Name Changed to Conform With Pronunciation

With the death of James Chappee, life-long resident of the Newbern vicinity, which occurred a few weeks ago, interesting history concerning the Chappee family was recalled, and sent to the Jersey County Democrat by Jos. Chappee who lives in Pine Lawn, Missouri. The deceased was the twin brother of John Chappee who died two years ago. Continue reading