40 Days

Missouri History Museum - Front 2012No less than 40 days of genealogy, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s my reward, I have been dreaming about this forever. A real 100% pure genealogy vacation—with virtually no weather issues at hand! Well, we’re not there yet. Still have to wait… 40 days!

What’s the plan? Well, let’s see. I sure do not want to tell you everything right off the bat. But let me say this, my trip will get off to a great start. For those of you who read my posts regularly, any hint of where I always wanted to go? Continue reading

#genchat: My homework’s done!

Two weeks ago, Jen Baldwin gave us a homework on #genchat. She proposed that we revisit a document and see what we overlooked. Does it count if we overlook an entire document? I say yes!

I was preparing for my #6 – 52 Ancestors Challenge, looking through my emails and I found a message from 3 years ago (I was sick 3 years ago for 3 months so that would explain why this document is still in my emails and not in my files).

The document is an 1861 newspaperclip from a Franklin County, N.Y. newspaper (Malone Frontier Palladium) concerning a mortgage lawsuit. It involves Charles Tourville (born 1828 in Quebec) living in Chateaugay, N.Y. I will investigate this matter and it will become a future #52 Ancestors article.

Some people asked me why the Tourvilles in Chateaugay were called DeTourville instead of Tourville, I always thought that this “De” was for “dit” (as in “dit” names). We have a proof here, “Charles Ebou (sic) DeTourville”. I think it is the first time I see the name Hubou in a US document.

Malone (NY) Frontier Palladium, Thursday September 19, 1861

Malone (NY) Frontier Palladium, Thursday September 19, 1861