My 2021 French ChallengeAZ: O for Olivier

L’église Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs — Par Velvet — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Another ancestor, another King’s daughter: meet Agnès Olivier, from my Laneuville’s maternal line. Born around 1651, she was from Paris, more precisely from the parish of Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs.

She came to New France in 1669 where she married Louis Civadier (or Sivadier), that very same year at the parish of Saint-Laurent-de-l’Île-d’Orléans. The Fichier Origine team tracked down her parents’ marriage contract, dated June 21, 1637, in Notaries Jacques Legay and Derivière’s records, in Paris. Agnès’ parents were Charles Olivier, a merchant, and Catherine Haudol (or Odant). According to the contract, her father lived on du Four Street and her mother, near the Saint-Michel Bridge.

Once again, thanks to this contract, I can climb my genealogical tree up—Agnès’ paternal grandparents are Jean Olivier, a farmer, and Louise Pothier. Her maternal grandparents are Pierre Haudol and Françoise Ferthy.

Agnès passed away at l’Île-d’Orléans in 1730.