Newspaper Nuggets: “Death of Local Twin Recalls Family History”, featuring Catherine Tourville and Joseph Chappee

jersey twinsJersey County Democrat, 1932 [exact date unknow, after 27 April]


Spelling of Name Changed to Conform With Pronunciation

With the death of James Chappee, life-long resident of the Newbern vicinity, which occurred a few weeks ago, interesting history concerning the Chappee family was recalled, and sent to the Jersey County Democrat by Jos. Chappee who lives in Pine Lawn, Missouri. The deceased was the twin brother of John Chappee who died two years ago.

Two particularly interesting facts in the history is the changing in the spelling of the family name to conform with the pronunciation, and the longevity of the family.

“Joseph Chaput was born in Montreal “Province of Quebec”, Canada, in 1818, and went to Missouri in 1836 locating at St. Mary’s, Missouri. From there he went to Florissant, Missouri, where he met and married Katherine Tourville. They lived in St. Charles, Missouri, for a time and in 1844 during the flood they crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois at a point then called Jersey Landing (now the village of Elsah). Mr. Chaput was employed by John Utt, a farmer, whose land was one mile east of East Newbern.

“Then after a few years, Mr. Chaput purchased a farm one mile south of East Newbern, later he bought the John Utt farm which he afterwards sold to Andrew Fessler.

“Mr. and Mrs. Chaput were the parents of six sons and three daughters, Joseph A., Louis, John and James (twins), George, Charles, Mary, Nancy and Amelia. Mrs. Chaput died at the age of 74; Mr. Chaput at the age of 82; Joseph A. in his 82nd year; John in his 84th year; Louis at the age of 87 years, 2 months and 27 days; and James at the age of 87 years, 2 months and 28 days, Charles died in his 55th year; Mary in her 63rd year; Amelia in her 72nd year; and Nancy in her 78th year. George, the only surviving member of the family, resides in Wichita, Kansas, and has attained the age of 76 years.

“In explaining the difference in the names of Chaput and Chappee, I want to say that in the name Chaput, being French, the T is silent, and the pu in French is pronounced pee, and as the children grew up they began to write the name like it shounded, Chappee.

“You will, no doubt, notice the only one day’s difference in the ages of Louis and James, which to me is very remarkable. Then again to take the average age of the 9 children including George (who is still living) which is nearly 77 years, is wonderful.

Pine Lawn, Mo.”

This article is extraordinary! It seems that Joseph J. Chappee was the first genealogist of the family!

Catherine Tourville was married to Joseph Chappee in 1838 in Florissant, Missouri. They moved to St. Charles County shortly afterwards.

Joseph Joachim Chaput was born to Bonaventure Chaput and Marie-Louise (Julie) Lippé on October 18, 1817 in L’Assomption and was baptized the same day in Saint-Pierre-du-Portage Catholic Parish, in L’Assomption.

George Chappee, the last surviving child, died on December 6, 1945, at age 89.

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