Montréal Newspaper Nuggets: David Tourville (1867-1908)

We know from her obituary that Julie Tourville née Bélisle has left four children in mourning at the time of her death in 1912. Just before her, in 1908, passed away her last-born child, David Tourville.

David was born on October 30, 1867, in Montréal, five months after the death of his father, Prosper Tourville. He was baptized two days later at Notre-Dame Church.

He is listed in the 1871 and 1881 censuses with his mother. At age 13, he was still attending school. In 1891, he is nowhere to be found, but has most likely joined his siblings Julie, Marie-Louise, and Magloire in the United States—where, unfortunately, no census survived for 1890.

In 1901, David was living in Montréal with his mother, and was a painter. The census tells us that he worked 12 months during the year and won $572 in wages.

David remained single until the day he died, at age 40, on October 4, 1908, in Brandon, Manitoba. He was buried in Brandon Municipal Cemetery beside his brother Napoléon and sister-in-law Marie-Louise Labelle. As he is not listed in the Manitoba 1906 Census, we can presume he was just visiting his brother Napoléon.

Here is a short article from La Presse (translated from French), dated October 17, 1908:

At its last assembly, Union No. 349 of Painters and Decorators has adopted a resolution of condolences following the death of one of its most dedicated and esteemed members, Mr. David Tourville, who passed away in Brandon, Manitoba. A true copy has been transmitted to the family and newspapers as well. [Translation: Danielle Tourville]