Newspaper Nuggets: “Wedded at Clayton”, featuring Charles B. Tourville

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri, Tuesday, September 22, 1896, page 10


Charles B. Tourville and Miss Katherine F. Molzier Married.

Charles B. Tourville is a widower with romantic ideas. He concluded to take a wife to comfort him and look after his three children. He went out of town to get a wife and to preserve the harmonies he went out of town and got married. The lady’s  name is Katherine F. Molzier and she hails from Greenville Ill.

The couple were married at Clayton Monday. Tourville was formerly a conductor on the Southern Electric Railway.

Charles B. Tourville (1857-1910) married Katherine on September 21, 1896. Married twice before, to two sisters, Amelia and Eugenia, twice a widower, his children were, as far as I know, Robert (who will pass away three years later) and Lorena. Was there actually a third child or was it a mistake from the newspapers? The genealogist is investigating!

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