52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #7 Susan Tourville (née Stout) (1837-1915) or “Love Thy Neighbour”

The theme of Love proposed by Amy Johnson Crow on St. Valentine’s week made me think of two little articles I read in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat while in Salt Lake City last November.

It concerned Susan Stout, the wife of Joseph T. Tourville, who had a little argument with her neighbour in front of her house in March 1883 in St. Louis, Missouri.

As you know, I am a French-Canadian and I learned two new expressions: “the father of a butin” — no meaning found but I can guess! —and “Steal a march on the enemy”. You never stop learning with genealogy!

Here, enjoy. But the story doesn’t tell if they spoke to each other after that! 😉

St. Louis Global-Democrat, March 20, 1883, page xx

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 20, 1883, page 12

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 21, 1883

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 21, 1883, p. 5