Françoise Hubou (~1638-~1692)

20121115034504!GlobeThe Pioneers from Mesnil-Durand, France

We have identified five persons who came from Mesnil-Durand in the 17th Century: Guillaume Hubou (about 1627), Barbe Hubou (1639), Mathieu Hubou (1641), Nicolas Goupil (1642) and Françoise Hubou (1662).

Here is the story of Françoise Hubou.

Although there is no baptismal act for Françoise Hubou in the Catholic registers of Saint-André du Mesnil-Durand (France), we are lucky enough to have an approximation of her birth year. In the 1667 Census, in Côte Saint-Ignace, in Sillery, she declared being 29, probably born then in 1638. Continue reading