The Last Resting Place of Ignace (Enos) Barrette (~1856-1888)

A few weeks ago, a request posted on a Facebook Genealogy Group Page caught my eye. A person was looking for the death record of a woman who died in Rhode Island but couldn’t get any proof of same even though she knew the exact date of death. As the deceased was a French Canadian, someone thought of checking in Québec records and finally found her buried north of the border. The parish record stated that the woman died in Rhode Island on the date provided by the person. This reminded me of Ignace Barrette.

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Great Find on the Web: Extract of the Official Book of Reference of the Parish of Montreal (1872)

Your ancestor lived in the Montreal parish in 1872? Maybe in Hochelaga, Côte de la Visitation, Côte St. Louis, Côte St. Jean Baptiste or Côte-des-Neiges? Would you like to know if he owned his home or not?

Then, you might be interested by this book I found on the Web.

Extract of the official book of reference of the parish of Montreal : including the incorporated villages of Hochelaga, la Côte de la Visitation, la Côte St. Louis, St. Jean-Baptiste, and la Côte des Neiges / prepared and published by L.W. Sicotte (1872)

It indicates for each lot the name of the owner and the dimensions in the villages mentioned above. The number before each name is the official lot number. If you download the PDF version, you may easily do a search in the document.

extrait officiel

For those who are wondering about the streets mentioned above, they are named today Rachel, Hôtel-de-Ville, Duluth and de Bullion

When compared to the 1871 Canadian Census, this book might be very useful.

I found the names of Honoré Tourville, who lived in the village of St-Henri as well as Élisabeth Lamoureux, widow of Louis Tourville, her son Médard as well as two of her sons-in-law, Denis Barrette and Napoléon Gauvreau who lived in St-Jean-Baptiste village.

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