My 2021 French ChallengeAZ: I for “Inconnu”

Centre de Poitiers. Vue du centre historique prise depuis le quartier des Dunes : église Sainte-Radegonde, cathédrale Saint-Pierre, palais de Justice. Par Luca Aless — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0,

I told you that I was cleaning up my tree, right? Here’s an example of a cold case that was rather simple to classify. But let’s get to the point. The fact that I (off the record) nicknamed Duchesneau or Chesneau “Inconnu”—that’s how I call my ancestors with unknown first names until I know better—only proves that I didn’t search very hard for new clues about this 8th-great-grandfather on the paternal side of my grandmother Charbonneau. Continue reading