My 2021 French ChallengeAZ: G for Goguet

Les quais de Marans sur la Sèvre niortaise. Par rosier — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Pierre Goguet (or Joguet or Goyet) is my ancestor through two of his children, Jean and Marie-Anne, born from his marriage to Louise Garnier. Still, interestingly enough, each of them will actually be behind two different branches. Indeed, Jean is my ancestor on my paternal side through Marguerite Fortin, married to Joseph Hubou, and Marie-Anne is my ancestor on my maternal side through my grandmother Charbonneau.

Pierre, son of Michel Joguet and Marie Jounot, was baptized on June 17, 1635, at the parish of Saint-Étienne in Marans, Charente-Maritime.

The marriage date of Pierre and Louise remains unknown. However, since their daughter Marie-Anne was baptized on February 25, 1658, at the same parish as her father, we can assume that the marriage took place in 1657.

Pierre, Louise, and Marie-Anne embarked for New France on the Saint-André, arriving at Montréal. They had an engagement contract dated June 5, 1659, passed before Notary Alexandre Demontreau, in La Rochelle.

Even if the website is in French (Google Translate always comes up handy), I invite you to take a look at Guy Perron’s website, such a substantial source of information on our pioneers. You will see a diagram showing that Pierre’s family was not the only one coming from the town of Marans and that some of these families were relatives before they settled in New France.