ChallengeAZ 2016: S for Sophie

Sophie 2016When one adds a new name to its family tree, it can be a solemn time just like in this case when I entered the data concerning Sophie, my grandniece (information corroborated by my genealogy software), on her birth date, only two weeks ago. Her ID number is 9934. She will be one of those people born just a few weeks after the 2016 Canadian Census and in a few centuries from now, somebody will say this about it : “Gee, I wonder how come I cannot find her in it, she was supposedly 10 in 2026!”


Letter S: About 1% for the Hubou-Tourvilles’ first names.

Lots of Sophie and Sophia! Otherwise, Stephen, Sarah, Stanislas and Séraphin.

Kind of Funny



The 2016 ChallengeAZ is proposed by Sophie Boudarel of La Gazette des ancêtres