ChallengeAZ 2016: R for René

papa avion 3 - Version 2René did not go to school beyond the third grade, but nonetheless, he managed to become an aircraft mechanic for an aviation company. I still remember when we visited the airport hangar at Dorval and nothing reminds me more of my childhood than the smell of tires! Not so long ago, my brother Mario told me that I was the one who inherited the most from our father, like his intellectual curiosity, his interest in history and travel as well as his passion for reading. But, please, tell me, Dad, how come am I so afraid to fly?!


Letter R: Less than 5% for the Hubou-Tourvilles’ first names.

For the men, Raymond, Robert, Richard and Roger are very popular. For the women, it’s Rose and all its variants that come in first place. Rose, Rosanna, Rosalie, Rose-Délima.

Kind of Funny

No, can’t find one!


The 2016 ChallengeAZ is proposed by Sophie Boudarel of La Gazette des ancêtres