The Bangle Files: #7 | The “Jeneffer”

BANQTwo weeks ago, relying upon the results obtained further to our latest research, we were led to believe that Adam Bangle arrived in America in 1765. My good friend Judith Bangle Persin had found his name on a passengers’ list.

Well, not exactly.

Unfortunately, the passengers’ list of the ship he embarked on was lost. Luckily for us though, thanks to the requirements which were instituted in 1727 by the British Government regarding immigration procedures, we are now able to know when Adam Bangle came over to America, more precisely to Pennsylvania.

You see, as Pennsylvania had started to accept non-British immigrants (such as Germans), the British authorities wanted to make sure they would be loyal subjects. Hence, from 1727, all male emigrants of 16 years old and above were required to take an oath of allegiance to the British monarch.

This article shows how so many Palatines came to the port of Philadelphia in that time period. ~ The Pennsylvania Gazette, September 15, 1764

This article shows how so many German Palatines came to the port of Philadelphia in that time period. ~ The Pennsylvania Gazette, November 15, 1764

The database Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808, Vol. I, available on Ancestry Website, gives us more details about the arrival of Adam Bangle.

Arrival of the Jenifer mentioned in the Pennsylvania Gazette Edition of November 15, 1764

Arrival of the Jenifer mentioned in The Pennsylvania Gazette edition of November 15, 1764

According to this document, Adam took the oath of allegiance on November 5, 1764 in the Court House of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, in presence of Isaac Jones, Esquire. He was among the 107 men listed who were aboard The Jeneffer which left Rotterdam (via Cowes) with Captain George Kerr in command. The ship was carrying 274 passengers. We do not know for sure who was accompanying Adam but we can presume that his wife Marie Davis was travelling with him.

While in Salt Lake City this fall, I decided to take a look at the microfiche (with no specific expectation of any kind), as I thought it contained the same information as the database online. Call it a hunch, but the microfiche actually offered something more: the signature (or the mark) of those who made the oath of allegiance. Yes, Adam Bangle signed! I found two documents bearing Adam Bangle’s signature 22 years apart during that 2015 Salt Lake City research trip.

signature adam 1764

Johann Adam Bangle’s signature in 1764

In this series’ previous article, I published Adam Bangle’s signature as same appeared in 1786. As you can see in the signature from 1764, both A’s look pretty much the same.

signature adam 1786

Adam Bangle’s signature in 1786

In two weeks, it will be time to fill in the gap between November 1764 and 1782. We’ll see if something could be brought to light about Adam’s life in the Mohawk River Valley over this period, such years leading up to Adam’s leaving the region to join the British troops during the American Revolution.

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