My 2021 French ChallengeAZ: K for K.O.

Les tours du Vieux-Port de La Rochelle. Par Jebulon — Travail personnel, CC0,

There you go, I give up! I have looked for a surname or even a first name starting with the letter K, alas…

Besides, if it’s OK with you, I’ll make a friendly takeover of this useless article and share an amazing statistic with you. I did the math and the fact is that the department of Charente-Maritime is cited 51 times in my Heredis database. 51 times!

Of course, many pioneers of New France were from towns near La Rochelle but I have never thought I would find that many. And I am not even done researching.

I have the feeling that one day I will dive into historical records at the Archives in La Rochelle.