My 2019 French ChallengeAZ in 100 Words—or More | V for Vachon

Even if I’m doing genealogy since 1990, I started to search for my Acadian ancestors rather late. It might have been a blessing though since I took up research at about the same time author André-Carl Vachon published the very three books that were—and are still—so helpful for me.

These are:

  • Les Déportations des Acadiens et leur arrivée au Québec, 1755-1775, Éditions La Grande Marée, 2014*
  • Les Acadiens déportés qui acceptèrent l’offre de Murray, Éditions La Grande Marée, 2016*
  • Une petite Cadie en Martinique, Éditions La Grande Marée, 2016*

These books taught me about the history of deportations, but also about the lives of my ancestors. I have collected precious information about the Fouquets, the Leblancs, the Gaudets, and the Thériaults.

Do not hesitate to refer to them, they are available in libraries and online bookstores.

* Only available in French, but I really think these books should be translated into English!