Travel 2016: My Trip to Vermont ~ Day 1

IMG_5265First day on the road today on my Vermont Research Trip!

As it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, my sister and I rushed to the South Hero Cemetery to take pictures of the headstones I didn’t have time to photograph during my last visit. They can be found on Find-A-Grave but I like to have my own pictures, especially when that place is not that far from home.

Just before lunch, we headed to the South Hero Town Office where we were welcomed to search the land records. As we went through the indexes, we realized that we would need more time as those Troville/Tourville brothers seemed to play a Monopoly game with those lands. We thus stopped around noon and had a wonderful pizza at nearby McKee’s Pub and got back to the town office afterwards.

Well, if I had to drink a glass of wine for each record I found, I would have gone through a lot of barrels. I took no less than 131 pictures with my iPad! Can you imagine how time consuming it would have been to take those old heavy books to a photocopier, make sure to have everything in the image on one page. OMG! I really think that the guy who worked there in 1885 didn’t have to go the gym for strength training.

Before leaving I even had the chance to look at the cemetery plan.

IMG_4922 (1)Finally, my sister and I are having ONE bottle of wine to celebrate that productive day.

Tomorrow, we are heading to the Vermont State Archives.


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