The Bangle Files #15: The DNA Trail

BANQHow about taking the Bangle Files to the next level? Curious? Let me explain.

While I am still working on the paper trail, why not getting some help from new tools available to us? Y-DNA tests are what I am talking about.

The Bangle descendants Facebook Group has suggested that we create a Y-DNA group on Family Tree DNA. And so we did.

Click here to view the Group’s Website and click here should you care to join.

For that purpose, we are looking for male persons bearing the Bangle, Bengle or Bingle surname, who are either from Québec—or anywhere else in Canada—or from the United States who are willing to take the test and whose ancestor is one of the four men mentioned below:

  • William Bangle, married to Marie Tourville around 1794
  • Louis Bangle, married to Angélique Duhaut-Jasmin in 1817
  • Joseph Bangle, married to Theodate Yeaton in 1828
  • Philip Bangle, married to Polly Ann Loing in 1837

Our goal: finding out if all these men descend from Adam Bangle, who was the first to came from Germany to North America in 1764.

Your surname is Bangle but you do not know your ancestry; if such is the case, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to find it out for you. Your surname is Bangle and you are from German ancestry but your ancestor is not Adam Bangle? Why not join the group anyway? Or maybe you have already been tested? We’d love you to join our group!

Also, kindly spread the word—share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, emails with your family!

Maybe some Bangle, Bengle or Bingle are to be found among your friends or acquaintances? Share this post with them as well!

Hopefully, this will lead to put the Bangle puzzle together… or at least to gather a few more pieces!

If you read this before April 26, 2016, please note that there is a DNA sale going on at Family Tree DNA. All the details here!

Of course, the paper trail research will resume in two weeks.

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5 thoughts on “The Bangle Files #15: The DNA Trail

  1. Hi Diane,
    Did the DNA thing finally. It is being processed. My brother just received his kit. It will be back in the mail in a day or two. Went through Family Tree DNA.

    • Dear Judy, Thank you so much, great news! We need a first to start this thing and I hope many others will contribute to this research 🙂

  2. Hi Diane:
    My husband, Raymond Bangle, is an uncle of Judy Bangle Persin. Her father, Chester and Raymond were brothers. I have followed Judy’s work on her family with a great deal of interest as I am my family’s genealogist (An Acadian Thibodeaux descendant) and am a member of a local group. Would it be purposeful for him to participate in this DNA project?

    • Hi Kate,

      I sure do! The more tests we have, the more comparisons we can do and establish relationships 🙂

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