The Bangle Files: #5 | The Children of Josephte Allaire and John Bangle

BANQI am certainly not the one who can brag about discovering John Bangle’s family! The only clue I had about John was that he was cited in his father’s will.

You see, some Bangles in the States and in Canada as well are trying desperately to track their ancestor. And John Bangle could be the missing link. So what about the elusive, mysterious John Bangle?

It was not until I had access to Généalogie Québec Website that I could actually take a look for myself to the acts which were found by other Bangle descendants for John Bangle’s wife and children.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any act regarding Josephte and John’s marriage in Catholic or Protestant churches. The very first mention of that couple appears in the Saint-Laurent Parish’s registry, in Montréal. The date: December 17, 1786. You may remember that Catherine Bangle and Jacob Schmidt got married in June 1787 in Montréal and that their first child was baptized in Terrebonne in June 1788. The children of Josephte Allaire and John Bangle baptisms’ timeline suggests that the Bangles might have settled in Terrebonne around that date.

Here are the children of Josephte and John we were able to identify:

ChildrenActParishType of Act
Marie CatherineOn December 17, 1786 by me undersigned priest has been baptized Marie Catherine born yesterday daughter of jean Bagnal and of Josepte haller his wife godfather jacques Chatillon gaudin godmother josette quesgnel who have declared not being able to sign [...] Montréal (Saint-Laurent)Baptismal
JacquesOn March 16, 1788, by us undersigned priest has Been baptized jacques son of jB peignel And of josephte alair his father And mother The [godfather] jB alaire, The godmother marie Drapeau Which have declared not being able to sign [...] And ~ Some Foreigner[s] have signed (signed) catherine bignel (signed) John BangleTerrebonne (Saint-Louis-de-France)Baptismal
JacquesOn July 16, 1788 by us Undersigned priest has Been buried in The cemetery [...] jacques son of JB pignel And of marie josephte alair, being three months old [...] (note in margin: jacques pignel Foreigner)Terrebonne (Saint-Louis-de-France)Burial
Marie DorothéeOn February 25, 1789 by us undersigned Priest has been baptized marie dorothée born today of the marriage of jean baptiste pignel and of josephte halaire, the godfather has been françois ..... and the godmother marie dorothée (rivet?) who have declared not being able to sign [...] Terrebonne (Saint-Louis-de-France)Baptismal

Two interesting facts come up from Jacques Bangle’s baptismal act:

First, we now have a signature not only for John Bangle but also for Catherine Bangle who has signed the registry even if she isn’t the godmother.

signatures deux bangle

“Foreigners have signed…” John Bangle’s and Catherine Bignel’s signatures

Also, we learn that the godparents were Jean-Baptiste Allaire and Marie Drapeau. Could they be related to Josephte?

Jean-Baptiste Allaire (son of Joseph Allaire and Agnès Lacroix), and Marie Drapeau were married in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Parish on July 22, 1776. Although I couldn’t locate Jean-Baptiste’s baptismal act, I know that his parents also had a daughter named Josephte, who was born and baptized on September 7, 1747 in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce. I also know that John Bangle’s wife, Josephte Allaire, died on January 18, 1795 at 45 years old. If she’s indeed the same Josephte Allaire who was born in 1747, she would have died at age 47, which is pretty close. The date of her death is noteworthy, because may I remind you (once again) that Terrebonne’s Catholic Church registries for 1793 and 1794 have been lost; luckily for us, she died early that year!

On January 19, 1795 by us Priest was buried the corpse of josephte halaire who died yesterday […]  forty-five years old wife of jean pinguel were present michel halair [françois?] vaudry ~ (Saint-Louis-de-France Church, Terrebonne)

At this point, this is what Adam, Marie Davis and their children’s tree looks like:

arbre jean bangle

What happened to John after his wife’s death? Well, patience is key as that will be the topic of a future post. The next one will feature Adam Bangle and will reveal how he ended up in Terrebonne and where he came from. I have to say I can hardly wait to tell you!

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