#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #21 Adélard Charbonneau (1864-1925)

Genealogy is a lot of fun when you can tell your mother: “Well… did you know that Adélard Charbonneau was 22 years old when he married Emma Tourville? And that she was… 34?!”

It was a first marriage for both of them. They had six children but three of them died as infants. The three others lived very long lives, including my grandmother.adelard parc sohmer finalI love this picture! I remember, when I first saw it, my mother told me that my great-grandfather Adélard was a blacksmith. I believe he had his own shop on Plessis Street, in Montréal. But for the occasion he wore his night job’s uniform, park warden at Parc Sohmer.

Parc Sohmer opened in 1889. This amusement park was located on Notre-Dame Street at the intersection of Panet Street and extended to the St. Lawrence River shore on the south (the current site of Molson Brewery). It was also a very popular rendez-vous for music lovers. A pavilion was built later on to present winter events which could accomodate 7000 people. Unfortunately, the pavilion was destroyed by a fire in 1919 thereby causing the definitive closure of the park.

If you want to learn more about Parc Sohmer, you may click here.

parc sohmer

Vue depuis la promenade, parc Sohmer, Montréal, Qc, 1890, copié vers 1910, Cumming & Brewis, Vers 1910, 20e siècle, Encre sur papier monté sur carton – Demi-ton 12 x 20 cm, Don de Mr. Stanley G. Triggs MP-0000.827.4 © Musée McCord


2 thoughts on “#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #21 Adélard Charbonneau (1864-1925)

  1. Diane,
    We are related through my great, great, great, great grandmother Priscille
    Houbou de Tourville. She was married to (d’?) Edouard Peltier/Pelletier. Priscille’s daughter Theonile/ Theonille was born December 13, 1817, and married Maurice Perreault, born January 15, 1812. They moved to the town
    of St. Anne, Illinois, USA, along with a large group brought by renegade priest, Charles Chinniquy ( a Perrault descendant). We are also descend from the Charbonneau family, through Joseph Charles Perrault/ Perreault’s marriage to Marie Agathe Charbonneau, also from the families Garnier, Langlois, Desportes etc, (1st French settlers at Tadoussac). Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, husband of Sacagawea, and father of the baby born on the Lewis & Clark Expedition, was Marie Agathe’s 3rd cousin. I’d enjoy hearing more about the family from you, & telling more about what I know.

    • Thank you Jean for your comment. I love to hear about happened to descendants of Tourvilles who emigrated!

      Should you wish to contact me, you may use the Comment link on the Home Page of the Genealogy Website.


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