Monday, Monday… Week of January 20, 2014

All those New Year Resolutions have inspired me. 🙂

What do I like about genealogy? Researching! That is really my favorite. So I last year I made the resolution to get organized, to be organized. I have this bad habit of being distracted by anything that involves an exciting new research, like an email from someone, a surname I read in a book, a tweet on some new computer tool and so on. So what happens is that I go all over the place and in all the directions and forget what I have started in the first place.

I thought it would be a good idea to publish every Monday morning what I intend to work on during the week to come. Publish it at large should help me get motivated and be more focused. So here is what’s in store for me this week:

  • Mail back my DNA kit to Family Tree DNA 🙂
  • Finish my article on Guillaume Hubou for the 52 Ancestors Challenge and publish it on Monday night.
  • On Tuesday night, I am volunteering at the library of the Société généalogique canadienne-française.
  • I am working on building a database. I want to trace all (hopefully!) the French-Canadians who lived in Vergennes and Ferrisburgh, Addison County, in Vermont for the period 1840-1880. January is dedicated to surnames that begin with an “A”. So I’ll work a bit on this one.
  • Friday night is Genchat on Twitter at 10PM ET. I understand that I have homework to do so I hope to take care of that on Wednesday.
  • On Saturday, I might go to the Archives nationales du Québec to work on my Vermont Project and get some documents.

Well, wish me good luck and have a great week everyone!



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