Catherine Marié

Female 1764 - 1830  (66 years)

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Michel Hubou-Tourville
Male 1784-Abt 1785
John Troville
Male Bef 1838-1910
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Julia St-Onge
Female Abt 1843-
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Margaret Troville
Female Abt 1840-1924
Jerry Lapoint
Male 1832-1922
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Peter Troville
Male 1842-1915
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Lewis Troville
Male 1844-1920
Ellen Perreault
Female 1845-1911
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Flavia Troville
Female Bef 1846-
Lura Troville
Female Bef 1850-1886
Dennis Troville
Male 1859-1863
John Troville
Male 1810-1884
Marguerite Dome
Female Abt 1819-1899
John Bean
Male 1837-
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George Bean
Male Bef 1841-1915
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Rosetta Bean
Female Abt 1842-1861
Charles Bean
Male Bef 1849-1883
Celinda Bean
Female 1852-1917
Jed Lawrence
Male 1853-1913
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Jennie Bean
Female Abt 1853-
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Helen Bean
Female Abt 1856-1875
John Bean
Male Abt 1809-1879
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John Toson
Male 1840-
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Francis Tourville
Male Abt 1844-1864
Chris Furlong
Male Abt 1845-
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Jerry Tourville
Male 1854-1919
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Victoria Lacombe
Female Abt 1864-1936
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Adeline Durand
Female Abt 1818-
Gertha Robillard
Female 1844-1931
Laura Robillard
Female Abt 1846-
Joseph Robillard
Male 1849-1938
Adelaide Mercier
Female 1854-1918
Paul Parot
Male 1844-1913
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Michel Tourville
Male 1857-1894
Henri Tourville
Male 1860-1905
Alexina Chaput
Female Abt 1862-1931
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Maxime Tourville
Male Abt 1863-1937
Victoria Jetté
Female Abt 1860-1930
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Michel Tourville
Male 1816-Bef 1871
Louise Larocque
Female Abt 1823-1890
Julie Tourville
Female 1853-1920
Stephen Berube
Male Abt 1844-
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Joseph Tourville
Male 1857-1890
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Mack Tourville
Male 1860-1942
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Michael Maloney
Male Abt 1836-1892
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Solomon H Beach
Male 1865-1894
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David Tourville
Male 1867-1908
Joseph Tourville
Male 1822-1822
Rose Tourville
Female 1825-1825
André Chartier
Male Abt 1842-
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Charles Jetté
Male 1845-1847
Pierre Jetté
Male Abt 1851-
Lucienne Jetté
Female Abt 1871-
Élisa Patenaude
Female Abt 1849-1907
Delphine Church
Female Abt 1854-1883
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Adéline Lavigne
Female Abt 1861-1920
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Albina Maheu
Female Abt 1842-1928
Eugénie Tourville
Female Abt 1862-Abt 1896
James Pearson
Male 1863-1909
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Magloire Tourville
Male 1832-Bef 1883
Vitaline Mondor
Female Abt 1835-1869
Olivine Fortier
Female Abt 1844-1905
Rachel Julien
Female 1853-1948
Georgina Julien
Female 1855-1856
Norbert Julien
Male 1858-1858
Norbert Julien
Male 1859-1859
Marie-Zoé Julien
Female 1863-Bef 1881
Olive Julien
Female 1866-1940
Louis Charles Julien
Male 1871-Bef 1881
Claire Julien
Female 1875-1935
Rachel Tourville
Female 1835-1918
Norbert Julien
Male 1829-1916
Louis Tourville
Male 1840-1840
Michel Tourville
Male 1787-1860
Josephte Cantin
Female Abt 1799-1857
Antoine Lecompte
Male 1813-1814
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Louis Rondeau
Male Abt 1850-
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Mary Delia Amiot
Female Abt 1853-
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Peter Lacount
Male 1847-1868
Almira Lacount
Female 1849-1849
Mary Lacount
Female 1850-1927
Charles Patnode
Male 1844-1911
Exilda Lacount
Female Abt 1853-1882
Nelson Lacount
Male 1814-1883
Antoine Lecompte
Male 1816-1816
Ellen Lacount
Female Abt 1840-1876
Alexis Blanchard
Male Abt 1835-
New chart
Margaret Lacount
Female Abt 1841-1861
William Lacount
Male Abt 1844-
Dennis Lacount
Male 1846-1883
Catherine Cady
Female 1849-1934
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Francis Lacount
Male Abt 1846-1870
Maryet Lacount
Female Abt 1850-
John Lacount
Male Abt 1852-1874
Brigitte Condon
Female Abt 1814-Bef 1868
Calixte Leconte
Male 1865-1940
Victoria Morin
Female 1871-1932
New chart
William Lacount
Male 1869-Bef 1913
Clementine Beland
Female Abt 1869-1898
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New chart
Henry Lecompte
Male 1870-1873
Charles Lecompte
Male 1873-1931
Lucinda Precourt
Female 1879-1944
New chart
Joseph Leconte
Male 1882-1882
Marie Giguère
Female 1849-1913
Prosper Lecompte
Male 1818-1818
Denis Lecompte
Male 1819-1819
Anthony Larrow
Male Abt 1840-
Frank T Larrow
Male Abt 1844-1913
Delphine Danyow
Female 1847-1927
New chart
Ellen Larrow
Female Abt 1846-1922
New chart
Mary Larrow
Female Bef 1852-
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Virginie Lareau
Female 1855-1943
Adelina Larrow
Female 1859-1864
Jean-Baptiste Lareau
Male Abt 1817-1889
Emelie Lecompte
Female 1821-1821
Charles Lecompte
Male 1835-1835
Antoine Lecompte
Male 1792-1866
Léocadie Dubreuil
Female Abt 1832-1855
Exilda Tourville
Female 1859-1944
Louis Tourville
Male 1861-1935
Marie-Alda Dufort
Female Abt 1868-1963
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Joseph Tourville
Male 1866-1952
Emma Charland
Female Abt 1864-1961
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Wilfrid Dugas
Male Abt 1858-
Wilfrid Dugas
Male Abt 1858-
Paméla Dugas
Female Abt 1861-
Délina Dugas
Female Abt 1863-
Oscar Dugas
Male Abt 1865-
Bruneau Dugas
Male Abt 1867-
Georgiana Dugas
Female Abt 1869-
Léon Dugas
Male Abt 1832-1895
Théophile Charbonneau
Male Abt 1827-1912
Élisabeth Content
Female Abt 1794-1880
Charles Forget
Male 1822-1838
Henriette Forget
Female 1836-1838
Charles Forget
Male 1793-1871
Luce Allard
Female -Bef 1878
Henry Tourville
Male 1848-1924
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Louis Tourville
Male 1856-1935
Emma Patnode
Female 1861-1914
New chart
Joseph Tourville
Male 1859-1940
Ophelia Patnode
Female 1860-1941
New chart
George Tourville
Male 1860-1930
Ida St-Come
Female 1867-1949
New chart
Louisa Tourville
Female 1864-1946
Clayton Gerue
Male Abt 1860-1928
New chart
Peter Tromblee
Male Abt 1866-
New chart
Albert Tourville
Male 1870-1929
Celia Podevin
Female Abt 1872-
New chart
Julia Le Clair
Female 1830-1917
Marie Giguère
Female 1849-1913
New chart
Joseph Edgar Giguère
Male Abt 1850-1881
Addie St-André
Female 1854-1910
New chart
Olive Giguère
Female 1852-1934
Joseph St-André
Male 1850-1924
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François Giguère
Male Abt 1856-1885
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John Thomas
Male 1853-1918
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William Giguere
Male 1860-1949
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Annie Giguère
Female Abt 1862-1895
Moses Martin
Male Abt 1859-1911
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Henri Giguère
Male 1864-1924
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Agnes Giguère
Female 1866-1895
Joseph Gauthier
Male 1865-1940
New chart
Nancy Giguère
Female 1871-Aft 1940
Ambrose Newell
Male 1863-1940
New chart
Lucie Giguère
Female 1873-1935
Frederick Dupre
Male Abt 1872-
Charles Newell
Male 1867-1911
New chart
Sophia Tourville
Female 1829-1913
Joseph Giguère
Male 1826-1892
Sarah Tourville
Female 1857-1930
New chart
Ignace Barrette
Male Abt 1856-1888
New chart
Onésime Raymond
Male Abt 1854-
Jane Tourville
Female 1861-Abt 1938
Horace Sears
Male 1860-1919
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New chart
Nancy Tourville
Female 1865-1944
Isidore Lastraw
Male 1859-1941
New chart
Rosalie Peets
Female 1869-1899
New chart
Henry Tourville
Male 1875-1931
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Joseph S Germain
Male 1858-1888
Laura Germain
Female Abt 1861-1930
Louis Germain
Male 1862-1922
Abbie Germain
Female 1867-1941
Philip Germain
Male 1868-1876
Delia Germain
Female 1874-1956
Felix Cole
Male 1867-
New chart
Delfrina Germain
Female 1883-1958
Nettie Tourville
Female 1837-1907
Joseph Germain
Male 1835-1915
Anna McCann
Female 1860-1924
New chart
John Daniels
Male Abt 1863-
Clara Daniels
Female 1865-Abt 1932
Benjamin James Daniels
Male Abt 1867-1935
New chart
Edwin Dwight Daniels
Male 1870-Abt 1946
Lula H Bloom
Female Abt 1871-
Daisy I Fogle
Female Abt 1886-
Dwight E Daniels
Male 1838-1914
Ida M Waite
Female Abt 1874-1929
New chart
Juliette Thomas
Female 1867-1959
Joseph French
Male 1862-1946
Ada Thomas
Female 1869-1942
Berton Eseltine
Male 1867-1950
New chart
Helen Lena Bruso
Female 1893-1920
New chart
Louisa Eseltine
Female 1864-1907