Augustin Plourde


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Anonyme Plourde
Augustin Plourde
Male Abt 1773-1841
Josephe Leveque
Female Abt 1766-1844
Joseph Arpajou
Male 1806-Bef 1870
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Anonyme Arpajou
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Sophie Arpajou
Female 1811-Bef 1850
Charles Tourville
Male 1802-Bef 1860
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Jean Arpajou
Male 1817-1846
Julie Perault
Female Abt 1813-1843
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Aurélie Cormier
Female Abt 1826-
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Étienne Arpajou
Male Abt 1766-1849
Marie-Anne Roguier
Female Abt 1783-1806
Vincent Plourde
Male 1781-1791
Anonyme Plourde
Jean-Baptiste Rondeau
Male Abt 1816-1892
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Éléonore Plourde
Female Abt 1820-1838
John Plude
Male 1823-1864
Louisa King
Female Abt 1826-1898
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Ambrose Plude
Male 1827-1865
Mary Labou
Female 1827-1912
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Joseph Plourde
Male 1828-1830
Madeleine Plourde
Female 1831-Bef 1920
Michael Forcier
Male 1827-Bef 1920
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Étienne Plourde
Male 1835-1835
Clara Plourde
Female 1836-1906
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Athanase Plourde
Male 1789-Bef 1880
Athanase Plourde
Male Abt 1753-1824
Judith Bérubé
Female Abt 1749-1809
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