My 2018 French ChallengeAZ in 100 Words: T for Tatro

The case of a farmer who lived in Ferrisburgh, Ambrose Tatro (1833-1905), speaks for itself when it comes to putting forward on how newspapers can help you know more about your ancestors. Owing to his peculiar behaviour, Ambrose is all over the place in the Vergennes newspapers. He once posted a notice advising that his wife has left him with the children without just cause. Afterwards, the poor Mrs. Ambrose Tatro was the victim of an unsuccessful attempt to burn the house where she lived. Guess who was arrested—but acquitted—for arson? Later on, Ambrose’s farm was burned after a quarrel with his wife. This time, he was charged with cruelty against animals as two of his horses were burned alive. Well, indeed, I should give credit where credit is due : Ambrose’s achievements deserved much more than the expected 100 words!

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