ChallengeAZ 2017—A Bangle Dictionary | P for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been a major gateway for German immigrants during the 18th century. Adam Bangle and his wife Marie Davis (and probably their son John as well) arrived in Philadelphia in the fall of 1764 aboard the Jennefer to start a new life. For the most part, an immigrant would be indentured upon his arrival in order to pay for the trip. We know that about ten months later, the family was settled along the Mohawk River. Interestingly enough, John Bangle, who fought in the Revolutionary War for New York, also appears on a muster roll for Pennsylvania in 1777.

The Bangle Files

The 2017 Challenge A to Z is proposed to the French community of bloggers by Sophie Boudarel of La Gazette des ancêtres

The Bangle Files: #7 | The “Jeneffer”

BANQTwo weeks ago, relying upon the results obtained further to our latest research, we were led to believe that Adam Bangle arrived in America in 1765. My good friend Judith Bangle Persin had found his name on a passengers’ list.

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