ChallengeAZ 2017—A Bangle Dictionary | Y for Y-DNA

Genetic genealogy is part of genealogy nowadays, but it certainly does not replace the paper trails—essential so that the relationship between two people may be proven. Nevertheless, I look forward to the day when we will have more Y-DNA tests done by male Bangle descendants to validate (or invalidate) relationships between different Bangle lines, i.e. those of Joseph, married to Theodate Yeaton; Philip, married to Polly Loing (both presumed sons of William and Marie Tourville); and Louis, married to Angélique Duhaut dit Jasmin (presumed son of John Bangle). While I’m waiting, I’m still digging in the archives.

The Bangle Files

The 2017 Challenge A to Z is proposed to the French community of bloggers by Sophie Boudarel of La Gazette des ancêtres