A Family Affair: The Three Wives of Joseph Goulet

Canadienne, Canadien. – [ca 1750]-[ca 1780] – Archives de la Ville de Montréal, Cote CA M001 BM007-2-D27-P001

I thought you would be quite impressed by what one is allowed to define as a tight-knit community.

Want to sneak in? Follow me, but try to remain on course as the road may become winding fairly quickly!

It all began with Joseph Goulet for whom commitment was not too much of a challenge as he said Yes three times rather than once.

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #17 Jean-Baptiste Hubou dit Deslongchamps (1654-1697)

Ever since I have started working on my Hubou-Tourville family tree, I have always read that Jean-Baptiste Hubou dit Deslongchamps, son of Mathieu Hubou, died on a military expedition between 1696 and 1699. You may have guessed how frustrating this was for me. Continue reading