French Canadians Living in Ferrisburgh, VT in 1850

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Welcome to the Vermont Project‘s Work-in-Progress Page for the Town of Ferrisburgh. The 1850 US Census was relied upon to build the list below. Multiple sources will be considered to gather information about the origins of those French Canadians, including other census, church, vital, land and town records, as well as cemetery listings and newspaper articles. Once the identity of a person’s ancestry will have been properly established, an hyperlink will be added to said person’s name through which you’ll be given access to his/her ancestry’s file (such as the one I’ve set up for Charles Tourville).

All findings will be documented and sources will be indicated.

Family insights and photos are welcome!

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Statistics for the Town of Ferrisburgh’s 1850 US Census

  • Total number of persons listed: 2,075
  • Total number of persons listed as being born in Canada: 213
  • Total number of French Canadians listed in Census: To Be Determined
  • Total number of French Canadians whose ancestry has been identified: To Be Determined

Last updated: December 30, 2016

Persons Born in Canada Listed in the 1850 US Census for the Town of Ferrisburgh, Addison County, Vermont

Household ID Number in CensusFamily NameGiven NameGenderOccupationEstimated Birth YearBirth PlaceNotes
1DerseneJohnMIron Smithabt 1817CanadaJean-Baptiste Dastigny dit Barreyre
1DerseneJosephineFabt 1828CanadaNée Gendron (baptized as Marie-Gléfire Gendron).
1GuindonGeorge AnnFabt 1833Canada
5GrunnettEdwardMLaborerabt 1824Canada
5GrunnettElizabathFabt 1831Canada
6LarabeeJoseph JrMLaborerabt 1822CanadaJoseph Larivée
6LarabeeLucindaFabt 1823CanadaLéocadie Larivée née Quimineur
6LarabeeUgeneMabt 1846CanadaLudger Larivée
7LarabeeFransisMLaborerabt 1820CanadaFrançois Larivée
7LarabeeSophiaFabt 1815CanadaSophie Larivée née Mongeau
7LarabeePhilenaFabt 1839CanadaPhilomène Larivée
7LarabeeSephorinaFabt 1840CanadaSophronie Larivée
8PeroJosephMabt 1812Canada
8PeroLeoraFabt 1815Canada
11GreenJohnMLaborerabt 1829VermontJohn Greenough (Jean-Baptiste Grignon)
11GreenAdalineFabt 1829CanadaAdeline Greenough née Dupras
14MitchellJohnMLaborerabt 1809CanadaJean-Baptiste Mette dit St-Michel
14MitchellSophiaFabt 1815CanadaSophie Mette dit St-Michel née Dupras
32BarbaranIsaacMShoe Makerabt 1828Canada
36KingOliverMIron Smith
abt 1825Canada
36KingJosephMShoe Makerabt 1831Canada
36SearsNolMIron Smithabt 1832Canada
37SearsZebMLaborerabt 1824Canada
37SearsCarolineFabt 1825Canada
38ObertineFransisMShoe Makerabt 1831Canada
38ObertineAdaladeFabt 1832Canada
38ObertineFransisMabt 1848Canada
42DalzellWilliam JFCabinet Makerabt 1846CanadaEnglish Canadian. Father born in Scotland, mother born in England.
48GangrawLewisMLaborerabt 1829Canada
52DevagdCharlesMLaborerabt 1817CanadaCharles Daviau
52DevagdElizabathFabt 1822CanadaÉlisabeth Daviau née Papineau
58SorrellAbramMLaborerabt 1833CanadaDied in the Civil War.
62ColtMosesMabt 1820Canada
62ColtBetseyFabt 1823Canada
73DemarshAbramMLaborerabt 1802Canada
73DemarshJosephamFabt 1798Canada
73DrinkwineMargrettFabt 1836Canada
75JohnseyPhilowMShoe Makerabt 1820Canada
75JohnseyMaryFabt 1822Canada
75PeroJosephMShoe Makerabt 1827Canada
75LaplaceEnosMLaborerabt 1784Canada
75LaplaceDolphusMLaborerabt 1830Canada
76SeguinJuliusMIron Smithabt 1820Canada
76SeguinFransisFabt 1823Canada
77YottGeorgeMLaborerabt 1823Canada
78MordardJohnMLaborerabt 1820Canada
78MordardRopeliaFabt 1830Canada
79LaboreMaryFabt 1831CanadaEnglish Canadian. Father born in England, mother born in New Hampshire. Parents from Hatley, married in Ascot (Church of England).
79LaboreCarolineFabt 1834CanadaEnglish Canadian. Father born in England, mother born in New Hampshire. Parents from Hatley, married in Ascot (Church of England).
79LaboreWilliamMabt 1837CanadaEnglish Canadian. Father born in England, mother born in New Hampshire. Parents from Hatley, married in Ascot (Church of England).
80GuindonNicholasMFarmerabt 1795Canada
82LavoidMatinsMLaborerabt 1810Canada
82LavoidMaryFabt 1835Canada
87ShebrownClarassaFabt 1820Canada
91LabertaJosephMLaborerabt 1831Canada
97LaurowPeterMLaborerabt 1815CanadaPeter Larrow or Jean-Baptiste Lareau.
97LaurowCathrineFabt 1817CanadaCatherine Larrow or Lareau née Hébert-Lecompte
98RoundbuckJosephMLaborerabt 1826CanadaJoseph Rondeau
99FootervillCharlesMLaborerabt 1828CanadaAlso listed in Household 317.
99FootervillJuliaFabt 1832CanadaAlso listed in Household 317.
100LuftedMarindaFabt 1838Canada
100CalyahPhillepMLaborerabt 1830Canada
103RoscoeAlvinMLaborerabt 1829Canada
abt 1812CanadaJean-Baptiste Rondeau
109RoundbuckLoizaFabt 1818CanadaMarie-Amable (Louisa) Rondeau née Plourde
111JohnesPeterMLaborerabt 1793Canada
111JohnesMaryFabt 1812Canada
111JohnesMaryFabt 1834Canada
111JohnesUrsulaFabt 1835Canada
111JohnesSophiaFabt 1837Canada
111JohnesLoizaFabt 1839Canada
111JohnesJosephMabt 1842Canada
111JohnesSophroniaFabt 1843Canada
111JohnesAlexanderMabt 1845Canada
111JohnesPhilandaFabt 1847Canada
111JohnesLoreaFabt 1848Canada
126PerryDavidMLaborerabt 1824CanadaDavid Paré, brother of Jean-Baptiste Paré (Household No. 244)
126PerryMeliaFabt 1827CanadaÉmilie Paré née Legros dit St-Pierre
126PerryRoseliaFabt 1844CanadaRosalie Paré
130HazardRufusMFarmerabt 1808CanadaEnglish Canadian
130AnthonyMary SFabt 1835Canada
133HazardRobertMFarmerabt 1806CanadaEnglish Canadian
136SearsPeterMLaborerabt 1805CanadaPierre Cyr
136SearsJosettFabt 1805CanadaJosephte Cyr née Ricard
136SearsJosettFabt 1833CanadaJosephte Cyr
136SearsMaryFabt 1837CanadaÉmérencienne Cyr
136SearsJuliaFabt 1839CanadaJulie Cyr
137SearsJohnMLaborerabt 1821Canada
137VayneCataFabt 1771Canada
138LandySarcesMLaborerabt 1818Canada
139SearsDavidMLaborerabt 1800CanadaDavid Cyr
139SearsMaryFabt 1821Canada
143SearsPeterMLaborerabt 1827CanadaPierre Cyr
146MerarhanJohnMLaborerabt 1843CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both parents from Ireland.
149ByronJohnMabt 1846CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both parents and siblings from Ireland.
153QuinJamesMabt 1845CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both his parents are from Ireland. Was baptized in Montreal.
153QuinPatrickMabt 1847CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both his parents are from Ireland.
155FrenchJohnMLaborerabt 1832Canada
161SlatteryJamesMabt 1848CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both his parents and siblings are from Ireland.
162Stone AntoineMLaborerabt 1791CanadaAntoine Meunier dit Lapierre
162StoneMaryFabt 1795Canada
162StoneLucyFabt 1835CanadaLuce Meunier dit Lapierre
162StoneSarahFabt 1838Canada
163McCallMary HFabt 1846CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both parents from Ireland.
180GilendWilliamMabt 1839CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both parents from Ireland.
180GilendMarvinMabt 1841CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both parents from Ireland.
180GilendSarahFabt 1845CanadaNot a French Canadian. Both parents from Ireland.
184SearsJustinMLaborerabt 1780Canada
184SearsMaryFabt 1781Canada
187SorrellMitchellMLaborerabt 1800CanadaMichel Sorel
187SorrellSophiaFabt 1802CanadaSophie Sorel née Royer
188SearsJustinMLaborerabt 1828Canada
189CommoJosephMShoe Makerabt 1801Canada
190 SorellOliverMLaborerabt 1826Canada
190 SorellMaryFabt 1830CanadaNée Marie Cognac.
190SorellJosephMabt 1846CanadaDied in the Civil War.
190SorellMaryFabt 1848Canada
191GorrowJosephMLaborerabt 1822CanadaJoseph Gareau dit St-Onge
191GorrowSaphronaFabt 1820CanadaSophronie Gareau dit St-Onge, née Janson
191GorrowJoseph SMabt 1839CanadaJoseph Gareau
191GorrowSophronaFabt 1842CanadaSophronie Gareau.
Multiple documents show her birth as being Keesville, Clinton, NY
191GorrowMadeinFabt 1844CanadaMédérise Gareau
191GorrowSolomonMabt 184?CanadaSolime Gareau
197TurnerHamiltonMLaborerabt 1816Canada
197TurnerElizabethFabt 1817Canada
205JandronPeterMLaborerabt 1805Canada
205JandronMaryFabt 1810Canada
205JandronMarioahFabt 1833Canada
205JandronUrsulaFabt 1835Canada
205JandronLouisaFabt 1836Canada
205JandronJosephMabt 1838Canada
212TurnerElizabethFabt 1814Canada
213BrooksLewisMFarmerabt 1817CanadaLouis Rousseau
213BrooksEmilyFabt 1820CanadaÉmilie Rousseau née Bernard
214CladeJohnMLaborerabt 1825Canada
216FrenchMartinMLaborerabt 1831Canada
229TurnerWilliamMLaborerabt 1832Canada
229DulasMaryFabt 1822Canada
abt 1817Canada
230BrooksPolly EFabt 1825Canada
244PerreyJohnMLaborerabt 1822CanadaJean-Baptisté Paré, brother of David Paré (Household No. 126)
244PerreyPollyFabt 1825CanadaAppoline Paré, née Aix
244PerreyJohnMabt 1845CanadaJean-Baptiste Paré
244PerreyPollyFabt 1845CanadaAppoline Paré
244PerreyElizabathFabt 1848CanadaElizabeth Paré
246ReooksJosephMLaborerabt 1818Canada
246ReooksLoisaFabt 1825Canada
247BrooksOliverMLaborerabt 1820Canada
251ParneMitchelMabt 1835Canada
256WredeAbramMLaborerabt 1826Canada
258YearakJosephMLaborerabt 1825CanadaJoseph Giguère
258YearakSophiaFabt 1830CanadaSophie Giguère née Hubou dit Tourville
282LarrowJosephMLaborerabt 1810Canada
282LarrowSophiaFabt 1822Canada
283BrowshawLewisMLaborerabt 1810Canada
283BrowshawOliverFabt 1814Canada
283BrowshawLeviMabt 1837Canada
283BrowshawElizaFabt 1844Canada
283BrowshawIgnasMabt 1845Canada
285GoodrichAlthaFabt 1825Canada
286LittleHuldaFabt 1812Canada
286LittleWelthyFabt 1837Canada
286MorrisThomasMLaborerabt 1828Canada
286MorrisPhideliaFabt 1833Canada
286LafinHarretFabt 1837Canada
287LafinPhelixMLaborerabt 1826Canada
287LafinMalissaFabt 1830Canada
288BarneJosephMLaborerabt 1818France
290LafinFrancisMLaborerabt 1810Canada
290LafinHarretFabt 1820Canada
290LafinMaryFabt 1834Canada
290LafinLoiyaFabt 1840Canada
290LafinFrancisMabt 1844Canada
291 FoshaMitchielMLaborerabt 1802CanadaMichel Forcier
291 FoshaMaryFabt 1805CanadaMarie Forcier née Lepire
291FoshaBataseMLaborerabt 1832CanadaJean-Baptiste Forcier
291FoshaAnthonyMabt 1835CanadaAntoine Forcier
291FoshaFrancisMabt 1839CanadaFrancis Forcier
291FoshaSophiaFabt 1841Canada (sic)Sophie Forcier, born in Vergennes, Vermont, baptized at St. Marys, Burlington
291FoshaJohnMabt 1843Vermont (sic)John W. Forcier, born and baptized as Jean on January 2, 1843 in Saint-Aimé, Québec, Canada
292LaflandJosephMLaborerabt 1795Canada
292LaflandJulia AnnFabt 1814Canada
292LaflandMatildaFabt 1835Canada
292LaflandMandaFabt 1837Canada
300MasseeJosephMLaborerabt 1818CanadaFrançois-Xavier Messier
300MasseeMargrettFabt 1818CanadaNée Marguerite Charby
307KingLewisMStone Cutterabt 1810Canada
317TovellCharlesMLaborerabt 1828CanadaCharles Hubou dit Tourville. Also listed in Household 99.
317TovellJuliaFabt 1832CanadaJulia Tourville née Leclair. Also listed in Household 99.
317TovellMurandaFabt 1842CanadaPhilomène Tourville. Listed in Household 99 as being born in Vermont.
317KingMaryettFabt 1790Canada
318FuncheonJohnMLaborerabt 1823Canada
320LamondaJohnMLaborerabt 1790Canada
321RobertsAnnFabt 1803Canada
325LahabJosephMLaborerabt 1825Canada
325LahabMaryFabt 1830Canada
325PludeClarraFabt 1835CanadaClara Plourde. She will marry Jean-Baptiste Forcier in 1855.
326LittleAnthonyMLaborerabt 1801Canada
326LittleMaryFabt 1801Canada
329AllenLucretiaFabt 1795Canada
329PearceLewisMabt 1778Canada
331BartonMaryFabt 1784Canada
332DanielsJusticeMLaborerabt 1820Canada
334SimoneAnthonyMLaborerabt 1800Canada
334SimoneMaryFabt 1803Canada
abt 1819Canada
335DanielsLoizaFabt 1818Canada
335DanielCathrineFabt 1797Canada
341LittleNelsonMLaborerabt 1820Canada
343RockAdiphus DMLaborerabt 1829Canada
343RockTiceamFabt 1825Canada
346MevealFegdaleMabt 1828Canada
346WallettFransisMabt 1812Canada
361BishopSophiaFabt 1830Canada
377BlanchardLoisaFabt 1827CanadaWife of Isaac Blanchard.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for comments!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for comments!