My 2019 French ChallengeAZ in 100 Words—or More | H for Havre Saint-Pierre

Havre Saint-Pierre is a village located on Isle Saint-Jean where Charles Fouquet and Judith Poitevin were married and settled before being deported to France.

My ancestors can be found in numerous censuses—1728, 1730, 1734, 1735, and finally, the one I reported on two days ago, 1752. Quite true, these earlier censuses only name the head of household. It is noteworthy though that neighbours are often family members as well. Moreover, they state where the head of family originated from, the type of concession he was living on, and the number of children. If the 1730 census doesn’t mention the place of origin, it nonetheless provides another priceless clue: the year since when the enumerated person was a “habitant”.

The Catholic parish of Havre Saint Pierre was called Saint-Pierre du Nord. On Historic Places in Prince Edward Island website, it is interesting to read that the parish cemetery was used from 1724 to 1758. Also called St. Peter’s Harbour Burial Ground, it is located on a private property in a wooded area. Without any burial markers, the land “has been left undisturbed by those who have owned the property”.