My 2019 French ChallengeAZ in 100 Words—or More | E for Exile

After the deportation, Acadians had to endure the painful experience of exile, often separated from the rest of their families, either lost at sea or brought to another location.

I haven’t established yet where all my Acadian ancestors were sent before their settling in Québec. I discovered, however, that two families were expelled to France, and at least two others were embarked towards Boston from Acadia, then to Connecticut. I don’t know at this point where exactly the others were taken upon arrival. But I may have a hint though concerning one Francis LeBlanc and his wife Isabelle sent to live in Worcester, Massachusetts, whom I suspect might be my ancestors François Leblanc and Élisabeth Dugas.

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada | Library and Archives Canada

Obviously, my research work is far from complete yet for that very aspect of my Acadian line, but I nonetheless made significant progress recently regarding the families deported to France. One of them will be featured tomorrow!