My 2019 French ChallengeAZ in 100 Words—or More | C for Connecticut

Once again, thanks to Quebec parish registers, I managed to get a glimpse into the story of my Acadian ancestors. The baptismal record of my 4G aunt, Marie Esther Gaudet, reveals that if she was baptized at age 9 months in L’Assomption, Quebec, on September 28, 1767, she was actually born in Conaticotte—State of Connecticut in the US. Her parents, my ancestors, were Bonaventure Gaudet and Marie Bourgeois.

Shortly afterwards, on November 15, 1767, Bonaventure and Marie’s marriage was rehabilitated by the parish priest of L’Assomption. Their civil marriage had previously occurred in the presence of other Acadians, probably in Connecticut as, even if the record mentions they were taken from Acadia to Boston where they were detained for twelve years, the name of Bonaventure appear on a 1763 list of Acadians in Connecticut.

Of all New England States, do you know that Connecticut is the only one I haven’t visited? It is on my bucket list.

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    • I sure will, Christine! 🙂

      It’s a running gag for me. About 3-4 times, I went from Albany to Boston, I only had to take an exit on I-90 and I would have been in Connecticut. Next time in the area will be the right one!

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