My 2019 French ChallengeAZ in 100 Words—or More | A for Acadian Ancestors

When I first went down the genealogy rabbit hole in 1990, I visited one of my paternal aunts enquiring about old family pictures. As I expected, she didn’t have much. I remember clearly, though, that she handed me the picture of her paternal grandmother, proudly calling her “L’Acadienne“. Her name was Philomène Leblanc.

Much later, I realized the task would not be so easy to find Philomène’s ancestors—and mine. But I love a challenge. And for this year’s French ChallengeAZ, I would like to take you on a trip to Acadia and present to you some of my Acadian ancestors.

I had the pleasure of travelling to Nova Scotia a couple of years ago. No doubt, many of my posts will be inspired by it as well as my readings about Acadian history and my genealogical research.

The tradition is here to stay. I am still aiming for a 100-word challenge, though I might go overboard on some occasions. This is such a rich topic. Hope you will enjoy the ride!