I cannot believe that 2017 is over! I am afraid to run over my statistics as I am not convinced it was my most productive year. And it has nothing to do with lack of ideas—rather schedule issues I would say. My non-genealogy job keeps me very busy.

Well, the past is the past! After having caught up with my sleep, let’s focus on planning the new year.

First—The Fun Stuff—Blogging

I will start blogging again—I have to be realistic though. I thought about it a lot and I have decided to blog once a week, on Wednesdays. I might cheat a little and deliver more than expected but still I prefer to publish on a regular basis rather than spending weeks without doing so because I am behind.

Second—The Research

You might be surprised to learn that it has been months since I have done any research. Well, that dry spell has ended and I happened upon original material that I feel is quite entertaining. Some Montréal newspapers have now been indexed on BAnQ Website and I have unearthed some interesting articles.

Third—The Usual Suspects

The Bangles—I have some minor leads on hand that I will keep on looking into it. And I will continue, of course, to publish posts about that family.

The Tourvilles—I plan to list all notary records I can locate regarding our family, starting with the first generations. I will have to tackle paleography more seriously. That should be fun!

The Vermont Project—So many documents found, so much work to do! The interest is still there, do not worry.

Special Projects—I am working on a mystery person in the St. Louis/Jersey County, IL area connected to the Tourvilles. It is a fascinating story which I hope to share with you soon.

Fourth—The Research Trips

No research trip planned yet. We will see how it goes. I intend to spend some time right here at home, at BAnQ (Quebec Archives) and eventually, at Library and Archives Canada, in Ottawa.

Fifth—The Wishes

I want to wish you all the best for 2018. May all your plans and projects turned into reality and fulfill your dreams. I hope you enjoyed precious moments with family and friends, that’s the time of the year they listened to genealogists!


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    • Thank you, Cathy 🙂 Happy New Year to you too! Have you read? Amy is bringing back the 52 Ancestors challenge, you won’t be alone 🙂

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