This year, I cannot join the NEHGS Salt Lake City Tour. I am literally heartbroken. I know for almost a year that I am unable to attend because of my non-genealogy day job schedule but still…

Without even realizing it, I am checking the weather forecast for Salt Lake City next week. The smell of autumn leaves takes me back to all the things I enjoyed while being there.

Sure, you will tell me I am free to go any other time. Of course I can. But what adds a zest of magic to this trip is precisely that I get to meet my genealogy friends from the annual tour.

Besides, it would have been my tenth stay. As a regular, I now have all these long-standing traditions.

The NEHGS starts on Sunday afternoon, but I typically fly in on the Friday or Saturday, to help with the jet lag. Depending on the time I arrive, I would either head to the Family History Library or to the City Creek Center on a shopping spree. On Sunday morning, after having refueled at the brunch at the Marriott, I would run some errands at Hammons for water, fruits, cookies, and snacks for the week, and then walk to Barnes & Noble at The Gateway. It is not unusual for me to come across people from the tour there because you see, we genealogists, love books!

On Sunday, one would no doubt find me at the welcome dinner probably sitting with my friend Rhonda McClure, and having my classic veggies (a.k.a. the carrot cake). If our favourite NHL hockey teams, Montréal and Boston, would play that night, I would closely watch my phone, keeping her up-to-date with the score—talk about excitement if her Bruins would be facing my Canadiens—and she would (no question!) tease me if my team had been losing (sorry Rhonda, you would have had a ball this season).

On Monday would start my own genealogy spree at the library for a whole week of research. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a new clue on a microfilm and knowing that it leads you to another one that waits for you only steps away from where you are sitting.

I usually work on the second floor where all the US and Canada microfilms are. When my eyes cannot just take it anymore, I climb up to the third floor and browse the bookshelves for works referring to different counties I am searching for. I normally also pay a visit to the International and British Isles floors during the week, depending on what I am looking for.

I would have had my routine consultations with Rhonda, David Lambert, and the others, rambling on with my inevitable brick walls, my Bangle research, my Vermont Project, and so much more. I will miss their sound advice.

Some may spend the whole day at the library—I surely will not blame them—, I prefer going out for lunch though where I welcome a breath of fresh air as much as the jolly sight of a busy crew dealing and struggling with countless yards of Christmas lights they have to carefully fix to the trees on the Church premises. My number one spots are the Blue Lemon at the City Creek Center, the Nauvoo Cafe, and the Lion House. For dinner, I before long adopted the Red Rock Brewing Co.

Thursday or Friday would be “Hockey Night with Rhonda” for Utah Grizzlys’ game. Hope you’ll have fun, Rhonda!

I wish to all my fellow Salt Lake City Tour participants a great time! For the newbies, you are in for a treat, enjoy!

For those who are wondering, the forecast for Salt Lake City today is 60o F and sunny. [Weather update: rain and colder than expected, great weather to spend the day at the FHL!]

Deep sigh…

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