Travel 2017 | Day 10 | Home Sweet Home

I wanted to share my last days in England but unfortunately I lost the wifi connection where I stayed. Day 8 was spent in London at the British Museum.

What a crowd there was on that Sunday morning! Here are some photos of what I appreciated the most (sorry about the pictures’ quality, everything was behind glass):


—I couldn’t help thinking that this helmet was actually worn by a man more than 2,500 years ago!—Greek, about 500-450 BC

As a French Canadian, my childhood’s readings included The Adventures of Tintin’s comic albums—seeing these mummies and coffins reminded me of the album Cigars of the Pharaoh.


And here is a montage of the King’s Library. Books, I love books!

On Day 9, I decided to visit Hampton Court Palace. This history buff greatly enjoyed walking into the footsteps of King Henry VIII. I have taken tons of pictures. Here is a sample of them:

And if jetlag is not too hard on me, I should be back to regular blogging this Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Travel 2017 | Day 10 | Home Sweet Home

  1. Sounds like you had a interesting productive and hopefully fun trip.

  2. Great photos, Diane. I’m headed that way myself later this summer. I appreciate the photographic inspiration.

  3. One photograph looks like a huge fireplace with the wall in front of it blackened. I can’t enlarge it, so please help me understand what it is? GREAT photographs and article. Makes me want to go visit this museum!

    • Thank you Janice! That was the kitchen of Henry VIII of England. The huge fireplace is where they were roasting the meat. A person had to turn it during hours and hours 🙂

      Will post the picture on Facebook!


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