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What does Illinois have to do with the Bangles? Well, a lot actually. Around 1855, Elizabeth, daughter of William and granddaughter of Adam, moved to Kankakee with her husband, François-Xavier Zace, and ten of their children (only François-Xavier Jr moved to Massachusetts). If her brother Joseph Bangle, married to Theodate Yeaton, is our Joseph, he moved to Boone County before 1850. Philip (her brother Félix?) Bangle, married to Polly Loing and a neighbour to Joseph’s family, was granted his land in 1846. Boone County (north-west of Chicago) is a two-hour drive from Kankakee (south of Chicago).

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The 2017 Challenge A to Z is proposed to the French community of bloggers by Sophie Boudarel of La Gazette des ancêtres

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