ChallengeAZ 2017—A Bangle Dictionary | A for Adam

Meet Adam, the patriarch of the Bangle family. He came from Germany in 1764 aboard the Jennefer, arriving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Less than a year later, he settled in New York State, along the Mohawk River, in the current county of Montgomery. A loyalist during the War of Independence, he will reappear around 1786 in Terrebonne, Québec, along with his wife, Marie Davis, his sons John, William, and Peter, and his daughter Catherine as well. The fate of his son Henry is unfortunately unknown. Adam died on May 9, 1800, and will be buried the next day in Montréal.

The Bangle Files

The 2017 Challenge A to Z is proposed to the French community of bloggers by Sophie Boudarel of La Gazette des ancêtres