ChallengeAZ 2017: Who will be following me on this journey?

For the third year in a row, starting June 1, I will be participating with my French and Quebec fellow geneabloggers in the ChallengeAZ at the invitation of Sophie Boudarel from La Gazette des ancêtres.

For those of you who have been following the Bangle Family saga on my blog, don’t you feel that something is missing?

Since forever and a day, I have kicked around with this idea of setting up an index or a list of the family’s outstanding people and of the places where they lived—and thereby providing a more user-friendly Bangle Files tab. I have a lot of imagination but sometimes, to make things happen, I need time—she wrote half-smiling.

When I saw the ChallengeAZ 2017 mentioned on Twitter this old project spontaneously came back to my mind and I thought: there you go, I found my theme!

This 2017 Edition will thus be a Bangle Dictionary. Keeping up with a personal tradition, my post will be 100 words long (a number that will be thoroughly checked by my loyal partner, my sister Danielle).

Once the ChallengeAZ is over, this will not mean the end of the Bangle Dictionary as I intend to post it (in table format and on its own page) under the Bangle Files tab with new additions being published afterwards.

How many of us will get on with the job? I can’t wait to read all your posts—wherever I will be as the month of June is to me another personal tried-and-true tradition: vacation!


The 2017 Challenge A to Z is proposed to the French-community of bloggers by Sophie Boudarel of La Gazette des ancêtres