Augustin Hubou dit Tourville : From Which Line Are You?

Église St-François-de-Sales, Laval, Québec. Construction 1844-1851.

If your surname is Tourville and you are, just like me, from the Hubou family line, we all share a common ancestor: Augustin Hubou dit Tourville.

Augustin and Elizabeth Forget were married on October 2, 1712, in Saint-François-de-Sales, Île Jésus (Laval nowadays), in Québec. They were the overjoyed parents of 18 children. As you may know, I usually make it a rule to never discard women, but for the purposes of this post, I intentionally chose to set them aside and consider exclusively the male children.

Joseph 1), born in 1719, in Saint-François-de-Sales, married Geneviève Bisson in 1742, in Lachenaie.

—> The first line described herein is my own through their son Joseph, married to Marguerite Fortin. Descendants basically lived in Lachenaie, and Montréal later on (as early as the 1840s for Étienne and Sophie Paquet, and 1862 for Louis Tourville and Esther Laurendeau, my great-great-grandparents). Joseph-Octave, son of Étienne, was a printer by trade and died in Massachusetts.

—> Then comes the line of Charles and Marie-Rose Tousignan which includes their son Charles and Marie-Rose Goulet; their grandsons Charles, Adolph (who fought in the Civil War), Alexis—all three went to New York State—and Honoré who lived in Montréal; their great-grandson Moïse (who lived for a while in Chicago) and died in St-Jérôme.

—> Among the profuse line of Michel and Catherine Marié (you know, the couple “with a flock of children”): their son Jean-Baptiste, married to Rosalie Bleau (both moved to Grand Isle, Vermont); Michel Tourville, and wife Josephte Cantin, early Montrealers; their great-grandchildren Julie, Marie-Louise, Magloire-Mack (all three went to Montana), and Napoléon (who went to Brandon, Manitoba); their son Hyacinthe, and wife Élisabeth Content, whose descendants mostly lived in Saint-François-de-Sales and vicinity, in Québec; Charles, and wife Sophie Arpajou (pioneers of the line of Chateaugay, New York); François, and wife Louise Corriveau (who have led to the Massachusetts line whose descendants took the name of Courville).

Joseph 2), remarried to Françoise Daunay in 1766.

—> Let me go over the outstanding line of Antoine and wife Josephte Villeneuve thanks to their grandson Louis Tourville who was a millionaire in the 19th century. Louis left his mark in the province’s economic and political fields. He is the co-founder of the Banque d’Hochelaga (nowadays National Bank of Canada); he was the owner of several mills in Pierreville (municipality located on the south shore of Lac Saint-Pierre); and he acted as a legislative counsel for the Québec Government.

Louis, born in 1727 in Lachenaie, married to Josephte Robillard, in 1759 in Terrebonne.

—> This is the line of Louis and Louise Trudeau. Descendants include their son Louis and wife Élisabeth Lamoureux, their grandsons Médard and Louis (who left for Chicago with wife Suzanne Bélec and children), as well as great-grandson Alphonse who also left for Chicago with wife Valérie Rose and children. This latter couple moved to Nebraska.

Jérôme, born in 1728, in Lachenaie, married Catherine Brunet in 1756, in Lachenaie.

—> This one goes pretty straightforward: their son Toussaint, married to Marie-Reine Calvé in Florissant, Missouri, is the ancestor of all the Missouri and Illinois lines.

Charles, born in 1731, in Lachenaie, married to Marguerite Dufour in 1760, in Terrebonne.

—> We are facing here the necessary exception that proves the rule. Even so there is no male descendant after 1847 for this line, I’ll have to brief you about his daughter Marie. Why her? Because Marie married William Bangle!

My question is: from which line are you coming from? I hope to read your answers in the Comments section!

6 thoughts on “Augustin Hubou dit Tourville : From Which Line Are You?

  1. My line is Joseph 1 :
    Charles & Sophie

  2. My Wife, Mary Sears Montroy, descends from Augustin >Joseph > Michel > Charles > Peter > Jane (married Horace Joseph Sears) > Serto Sears > James Sears > Mary

  3. HI Diane,
    It was finding your work that supported my findings of the Huboux/Tourville/Courville line when I crossed from Massachusetts/US census records into the Canadian records during my research. I thought I was going crazy until I found your site! Thanks for your hard work.
    My line:
    Augustin>Joseph (1)>Michel>Francois>Luc (Courville)>Alfred>Jourdain

    • Hi Denise,

      A long long time ago, you asked me about your theory. Without you, I am not sure I would have found them. Great job! 🙂

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