40 Days | Day 4 | St. Louis, Missouri

IMG_5619Well, that was fun! I’m so sorry to leave the fantastic Missouri History Museum & Research Center, but with all my hard work, I feel I have done the best that I could. Let’s see what I will be bringing back home:

  • All the pages concerning the Tourvilles in the American Fur Trade ledgers.
  • Thanks to Liz Loveland, some tax lists for St. Ferdinand and St. Louis for the period 1805-1819.
  • The wonderful feeling of having seen the original Civil War picture of Joseph T. Tourville that was taken in 1861.
  • And other goodies.

Tomorrow will be a tourist day for me. Yes, I promise, I will post some pictures!

IMG_5764 (1) IMG_5864IMG_5770IMG_5666

2 thoughts on “40 Days | Day 4 | St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Diane, how exciting! I’m looking forward to reading your posts about what you found in St. Louis. I’m also planning a trip there to the wonderful library. I recently discovered the St. Louis library holds all the Ortsfamilienbuchs from the villages in Germany where many of my family were from. On the way, I am going to spend a little time in Burlington, Iowa, where my GGG-grandmothers siblings settled! I just recently learned this! Such fun to make new discoveries!

    • Thank you, Penny! How great it is to come on-site and find new sources. You won’t regret it. The archivists were so helpful and friendly 🙂

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