40 Days

Missouri History Museum - Front 2012No less than 40 days of genealogy, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s my reward, I have been dreaming about this forever. A real 100% pure genealogy vacation—with virtually no weather issues at hand! Well, we’re not there yet. Still have to wait… 40 days!

What’s the plan? Well, let’s see. I sure do not want to tell you everything right off the bat. But let me say this, my trip will get off to a great start. For those of you who read my posts regularly, any hint of where I always wanted to go?

St. Louis!—of course—which will be indeed the highlight of the whole experience!

I can’t wait to climb the stairs leading to the entrance of the Missouri History Museum Library & Research Center to peruse through the St. Louis Archives (a.k.a. the French and Spanish Archives). As I went through the index at least a thousand times, I just hope to be able to bring tons of documents which will in turn prove to be valuable material for this blog and thus allowing me to bug you again and again with the descendants of Toussaint Tourville for the next few years. I also intend to visit other libraries, of course. Still, I do have this hunch that I may have to return…

The next step of this project will be the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ conference that will take place in Springfield, Illinois, at the end of August. I must admit I can’t wait to meet people I have been following on Twitter for years—especially my #genchat friends.

I cannot leave for a 40-day journey, but I will make little trips not too far from home as well. There are so many repositories which are closed during the weekend, there is no doubt that I will take advantage of my free time to make a blitz.

If you wish to follow me in my genealogical adventures, don’t miss checking this blog as I will write about it during those 40 days. My sister is ready to support me in this and will help with the posts’ publications (and rumour has it that she’ll join me for some portions of the trip).

Save the date, departure is scheduled for August 24!