Travel 2016: My Trip to Vermont ~ Day 3

Today, I was at the Bixby Memorial Library in Vergennes doing what I like the most: searching newspapers. And for the first time I worked with the real thing. No microfilms, no images. Real newspapers from 1871 to 1896.

IMG_3103_33In fact, I had a list of all French Canadians who died in Ferrisburgh and I was hoping to be able to read their obituary. I was not very lucky at first because, as you know, the majority of French Canadians were illiterate. Most of the obituaries—when there was actually one—were for the town’s prominent people. As I progressed through the years, my patience was finally rewarded. Moreover, as I glanced here and there, I also found information on people who died in Vergennes. I took about 150 photos!

Besides obituaries, I unearthed one or two black sheep, interesting stories, dramas and entertaining articles. I always say that I feel as if I had known all these people. Well, today I even found out that one of them suffered from eczema!

Speaking of black sheep, I discovered one particularly fascinating in Vergennes. It has all the ingredients of a good story!


I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Mr. Muir Haman, Librarian at Vergennes’ Bixby Memorial Library, for making this long research day possible.

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