Travel 2016: My Upcoming Trip to Vermont

In exactly one week from now, I will be in Vermont on a long-cherished research trip. As I plan to travel quite often this year for my genealogy projects, this getaway—I hope—will be the first of many more!

IMG_3808This journey to Vermont will cover many areas of my current researches:

  • First stop: South Hero, where I expect to discover some new clues on the Troville/Tourville families living there in the 19th century (land records, cemetery visits);
  • I am quite interested in Lamoille County, hoping to find an obituary for a daughter of William Bangle and Marie Tourville who married in Williston and thereafter settled in said county;
  • Of course, on my to-do list are Ferrisburgh and Vergennes’ town offices for my French-Canadian Project (land records);
  • I wish I were already at Vergennes’ Bixby Memorial Library eagerly looking at old newspapers to get some obituaries regarding French-Canadians;
  • As one says, a fit body leads to a fit mind; I will therefore see to take some healthy walks in various cemeteries in Chittenden and Addison Counties to take pictures of headstones (keep our fingers crossed that May will provide us with above seasonal temperatures);
  • I can almost see myself digging into the Vermont State Archives in Middlesex;
  • If time is on my side, no doubt I’ll stop by the Vermont Historical Society Leah Library;
  • Other cemeteries are on my agenda as well, namely in Brandon, Rutland County;
  • I can’t pass by Colchester without paying a visit to the Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society; and
  • Finally, I will try to contact the Ferrisburgh Historical Society.

Gee, I hope that my sister will not feel too overwhelmed when she reads this list as she will be my dedicated assistant for the 48 hours we’ll spend there. I did promise her that we would have time to dine and shop in Burlington. Nah, I am kidding, we will be there for a week.

Well, no matter what, as Vermont borders Québec I will return for sure this summer if my wish list is not completed.

Now is the time to get myself some rain boots and sunscreen lotion. Thinking of everything! If you are curious to know how I manage, stay tuned to read about my adventures and wish me luck, I will need some. And I call that a vacation!

Anglais on the road

4 thoughts on “Travel 2016: My Upcoming Trip to Vermont

  1. My heart nearly stopped when I read 48 hours! Hope time is on your side during the week you visit. Be safe and come home with many, many great discoveries.

  2. Perfect trip. I hope it’s all you want it to be.

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