The Last Resting Place of Ignace (Enos) Barrette (~1856-1888)

A few weeks ago, a request posted on a Facebook Genealogy Group Page caught my eye. A person was looking for the death record of a woman who died in Rhode Island but couldn’t get any proof of same even though she knew the exact date of death. As the deceased was a French Canadian, someone thought of checking in Québec records and finally found her buried north of the border. The parish record stated that the woman died in Rhode Island on the date provided by the person. This reminded me of Ignace Barrette.

Who was Ignace Barrette?

Ignace (or Enos) was married to Julia Tourville, daughter of Peter Stephen Tourville and Caroline Daignault. Julia was Charles’ and Sophie Arpajou’s granddaughter.

Enos and Julia were married at St. Patrick’s Church in Chateaugay, New York, on October 29, 1877. According to the 1880 US Census, they were then living in Mineville, New York. All their children were baptized in said St. Patrick’s Church.

barrette tree

After learning that a child of Enos and Julia died in 1893, in East Douglas, Worcester County, Massachusetts, I wondered what happened to Enos as Julia married Onésime Raymond in Rhode Island, in 1906, and that she was listed as a widow as early as 1900. I searched Enos’ death record for years!

About two years ago, following some email correspondence, I happened to talk with a member of the Barrette family. Enos was his great-grand-uncle. Well, he told me that Enos was buried in Québec! I just couldn’t believe it because it never crossed my mind that I could find him here.

Titre : Franklin Center [image fixe] Éditeur : Montreal :L. Gobeille, Notice complète : 0003725261 Adresse permanente (permalien) :

Franklin Center, near Saint-Antoine-Abbé, Québec
Titre : Franklin Center [image fixe]
Éditeur : Montreal :L. Gobeille,
Notice complète :
Adresse permanente (permalien) :

Here is a translation of the record of Saint-Antoine-Abbé Parish (located less than 20 miles from Chateaugay, NY, and about 50 miles from St. Regis Falls, NY).

On March 30, 1888, we, undersigned, priest of this parish, have buried in this parish cemetery the remains of Ignace Barrette, deceased the day before yesterday at 32 years of age, husband of Julie Tourville from St. Regis Falls Parish, United States. Were attending Pierre Vinet, who has declared not being able to sign, Amable Barrette and Marie Jeanne Tourville, who have both signed with us. Reading done

signature barrette

Amable Barrette’s and Marie-Jeanne Tourville’s signatures

Marie-Jeanne must be Julia’s sister who was known as Jane Tourville who married Horace Sears.

Julia was listed in the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 US Census; first in Rhode Island, later on in Massachusetts.

Have I told you that I never found Julia’s death or burial record? She supposedly died on January 12, 1948, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, but I never got any proof thereof. Maybe I should look at Québec records?