#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #31 Anne Hubou (~1619-?)

Eglise_Saint-AndreInsomnia has its good sides. Sort of. As I couldn’t sleep for too long, I gave in; I thus went back to my computer and visited the Website of the Archives départementales du Calvados, in France, to continue looking through the index of Saint-Germain de Lisieux Parish. I then thought I might as well take advantage of the fact that due to some technical problems for this Website all viewings are free for now. So, I searched through the parish of Saint-André du Mesnil-Durand from the very first page.

Thank God for that: I found a “new” big sister for my ancestor Mathieu Hubou! I had already identified Katherine, baptized at the end of 1622 (Mathieu was baptized in 1626). This time, let me introduce to you Anne, baptized on May 21, 1619.

The quality of the image is very poor as you can see.

calvados originalcalvados negatif

Yet, with my photo software, I was able to obtain this improved version:

calvados modifie

Here is what I could spell out from it until now:

anne fille de nicollad hubout fut baptisée vingt et un iniesme de May aud an [1619] son parrein mic[hel?] gouppil et sa marreine anne femme??? à guill[aume?] ________ ????


anne daughter of nicollad hubout was baptized on the twenty-first of May of the said year [1619] her godfather was mic[hel?] gouppil and her godmother anne wife??? of guill[aume?] ________????

Nicolas’ mother was Jeanne Goupil so it is most likely that this Goupil is a relative of the family.

And here is the new family tree:

nicolas avec anne


6 thoughts on “#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #31 Anne Hubou (~1619-?)

  1. The archives départementales I’ve used so far have all been free. I hope this doesn’t mean they will be only available per subscription some time in the future. Congratulations on the find. I know what it is like to search page by page when the handwriting is difficult to read or too light.

    • Hi Cathy, Thank you!
      I think only a handful are available per subscription. Calvados (14) has always been (lucky me, my ancestor is from this one!). I hope their technical problems will last until my Christmas vacation. 😉

    • Jean-Michel wrote that almost all “Departmental Archives” are free as well as in Belgium.

      (C’est bien ce que je pensais, je ne suis pas chanceuse, il fallait que je tombe sur le “14”.) 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the “new” addition to your family tree.
    Love reading about your research and the bits and pieces you find to make the whole story story come back to life.

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