Salt Lake City 2015 | Research Trip Journal | Day 9

Once on the plane taking me back home after each of my annual stays in Salt Lake City, I can’t help but feel that if only I could have stayed just one more day… Who am I kidding? It would never be done in just one day!

JPEG image-88F9AC5F9E5B-1Actually, I should be more than satisfied as I found lots of great stuff (and especially for the Bangle Files). I also got numerous deeds for the Missouri and Illinois Tourville lines as well as church records from Portage des Sioux in St. Charles County, Missouri. But of course, I am not done with scanning all those deeds and my list for next year will grow more and more over the next few months. Yes, great stuff to feed my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks posts.

Besides that, I am so proud I came upon those hints about Hubous living in Calvados in the 1600s and 1700s (which are available online). Those will fill the long cold nights during the winter season for sure! I want to take the time here to thank you, Jean-Marc, for your precious help on this matter! I hope I didn’t impose on your kindness!

And of course, let’s not forget all these microfilms I have viewed and books I have read without any luck. Genealogy and patience go hand in hand.

I also spent a lot of time as well on California records for my French friend, Guillaume. It was a pleasure as I enjoy to do research and moreover I was curious myself to see what we could find (yes, we, because he was feeding me with information from France). I guess the next steps call for a California trip! Ah! Retirement, I just can’t wait!

In late spring or early summer of 2016, I plan to spend a couple of days in Albany to visit the New York State Archives and New York State Library. Leads that I now have would make it profitable for a short stay there as well as giving me the opportunity to meet again with my friend Diane.

We had our NEHGS closing dinner on Saturday night during which many people had the chance not only to share stories about their great discoveries but also a delicious carrot cake.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to comment my posts or to send me emails. I am glad you enjoyed it.

JPEG image-12EB2DA7DBA5-1Well, that’s it for this year but I’m already thinking about next year’s SLC trip!

And Saturday’s Bruins/Habs game with Rhonda at Bell Centre in Montréal!

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2 thoughts on “Salt Lake City 2015 | Research Trip Journal | Day 9

  1. On behalf of all the TOURVILLE descendants in Illinois and Missouri, we ‘THANK YOU’ for all the hard work you have done on our family tree. We look forward to reading more of your ‘finds’ in the months and years ahead. Keep up the good work Diane. I speak for all the midwestern Tourvilles when I say; WE APPRECIATE YOU DIANE!!! God Bless You and keep you in good health. Love and Best Wishes from all us Tourvilles.

    Sincerely, Cousin Bob Barber

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