South Hero’s Neighbours: Tourvilles/Trovilles and Cardinals

I was validating some dates for Jean-Baptiste Tourville and Marguerite Dome—they were married on August 2, 1836, in Saint-Luc, Saint-Jean County, in Québec just before they left for South Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont—when I came across the next marriage record which was about Toussaint Cardinal and Catherine Audette dit Lapointe.

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Augustin Hubou dit Tourville : From Which Line Are You?

Église St-François-de-Sales, Laval, Québec. Construction 1844-1851.

If your surname is Tourville and you are, just like me, from the Hubou family line, we all share a common ancestor: Augustin Hubou dit Tourville.

Augustin and Elizabeth Forget were married on October 2, 1712, in Saint-François-de-Sales, Île Jésus (Laval nowadays), in Québec. They were the overjoyed parents of 18 children. As you may know, I usually make it a rule to never discard women, but for the purposes of this post, I intentionally chose to set them aside and consider exclusively the male children. Continue reading

A Family Affair: The Three Wives of Joseph Goulet

Canadienne, Canadien. – [ca 1750]-[ca 1780] – Archives de la Ville de Montréal, Cote CA M001 BM007-2-D27-P001

I thought you would be quite impressed by what one is allowed to define as a tight-knit community.

Want to sneak in? Follow me, but try to remain on course as the road may become winding fairly quickly!

It all began with Joseph Goulet for whom commitment was not too much of a challenge as he said Yes three times rather than once.

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From the Archives: Ellen Burley née Tourville (1833-1875)

I brought back a few nuggets from my Illinois and Missouri trip last fall and here is one of them.

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40 Days | Day 2 | St. Louis, Missouri

skinker 1Overwhelmed, that’s the word. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this negatively. Bien au contraire! I guess this is St. Louis’ way to make me feel as welcome as I always dreamed I would be. Continue reading

Missing Man Found After Decades: Louis Rail (abt 1798-1854)

recherche theme_1After such a busy month (ChallengeAZ 2016) and vaguely dealing with the idea of rewarding myself with well-deserved time off, I—guess what?—ended up on the Web. I then realized that the Holy Family Parish records for Cahokia, St. Clair County, Illinois were available on Family Search. For those unfamiliar with the area, Cahokia and St. Louis, Missouri almost face each other across the Mississippi River. Continue reading

Travel 2016: My Trip to Vermont ~ Day 2

Lots of firsts today! And you thought I couldn’t do it!

This Tuesday, I visited three repositories: the Vermont State Archives in Middlesex, the Leahy Library of the Vermont Historical Society in Barre, and the Vermont Genealogy Library in Colchester.

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Travel 2016: My Trip to Vermont ~ Day 1

IMG_5265First day on the road today on my Vermont Research Trip!

As it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, my sister and I rushed to the South Hero Cemetery to take pictures of the headstones I didn’t have time to photograph during my last visit. They can be found on Find-A-Grave but I like to have my own pictures, especially when that place is not that far from home. Continue reading

The Montana Widow: The Husbands of Marie-Louise Maloney Beach Demers (née Tourville) (1864-1928)

I indeed have kind of mixed relationships with Find-A-Grave: I especially love it when it provides us with exclusive information; but it can sometimes lead to frustrations over lack of accuracy when it comes to dates or when photos are so small one cannot decipher the headstones’ inscriptions. Continue reading

Josephte Content (née Hubou) (1761-1834)

While doing my fan chart a couple of years ago I was in for a surprise. I found out that my 4G grandfather Étienne Content’s wife went by the name of… Josephte Hubou-Tourville! Another one! Continue reading