40 Days | Day 4 | St. Louis, Missouri

IMG_5619Well, that was fun! I’m so sorry to leave the fantastic Missouri History Museum & Research Center, but with all my hard work, I feel I have done the best that I could. Let’s see what I will be bringing back home: Continue reading

40 Days | Day 3 | St. Louis, Missouri

IMG_5619Before stopping by its Research Center, I thought of going to the Missouri History Museum but at the last minute, I sat on the fence as I was a bit tired. Then I got a tweet from Liz Loveland and off I went to pick her up at her hotel for a quick visit to the museum. If you haven’t seen it and plan to come to St. Louis, keep that one on your list. Two majors reasons: it is free and it has plenty of exhibits for every taste—Route 66, The Little Black Dress (mourning dress for us genealogy and history buffs) and the 1904 World Fair. Continue reading

40 Days | Day 2 | St. Louis, Missouri

skinker 1Overwhelmed, that’s the word. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this negatively. Bien au contraire! I guess this is St. Louis’ way to make me feel as welcome as I always dreamed I would be. Continue reading