South Hero’s Neighbours: Tourvilles/Trovilles and Cardinals

I was validating some dates for Jean-Baptiste Tourville and Marguerite Dome—they were married on August 2, 1836, in Saint-Luc, Saint-Jean County, in Québec just before they left for South Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont—when I came across the next marriage record which was about Toussaint Cardinal and Catherine Audette dit Lapointe.

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French Canadians Living in Ferrisburgh, VT in 1850: #13 Joseph Larivee

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Joseph Larivee (whose surname is Larivée in Québec) is listed in the 1850 US Census for Ferrisburgh. He is referred to as Joseph Larabee Jr on Page 294, Line 24, Household 6, with the following persons listed, respectively, on lines 25 to 27:

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Abraham Sorrell(2)—What the 1850 US Census for Ferrisburgh Doesn’t Tell

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Abraham Sorrell, who lost his life from injuries sustained in the Civil War’s Wilderness Battle in May 1864, had married three times. His Civil War pension file offers an incredible portrait of people living in Ferrisburgh in 1850 and beyond.

After having read the testimony left by his first wife, Eliza Sears about their lives together, let’s continue our journey through the eyes of his second wife, Eliza Carpenter. At the time of her testimony, Eliza was living with John Ayers but was apparently not married to him.

I will publish a short biography of each person concerned in the last post of this series. Enjoy!

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The Bangle Files: #24 | Mary Bangle and William Hogan

After having confirmed—as related in the last post—that Mary Hogan was indeed John Bangle’s daughter, I thought it would be interesting for you to get to know her and her family.

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Abraham Sorrell(1)—What the 1850 US Census for Ferrisburgh Doesn’t Tell

vermont 2016

About a year ago, while doing some sleuthing on people listed in the 1850 US Census in Ferrisburgh, I came across one of the most baffling Civil War Pension Files I have seen in years.

The name is Abraham Sorrell. In 1850, he was living on a farm in Ferrisburgh, working as a labourer (although his family was living elsewhere in the same town). Of course, without any information on his civil status, we can assume this 17-year-old young man was still single, right? Continue reading

Augustin Hubou dit Tourville : From Which Line Are You?

Église St-François-de-Sales, Laval, Québec. Construction 1844-1851.

If your surname is Tourville and you are, just like me, from the Hubou family line, we all share a common ancestor: Augustin Hubou dit Tourville.

Augustin and Elizabeth Forget were married on October 2, 1712, in Saint-François-de-Sales, Île Jésus (Laval nowadays), in Québec. They were the overjoyed parents of 18 children. As you may know, I usually make it a rule to never discard women, but for the purposes of this post, I intentionally chose to set them aside and consider exclusively the male children. Continue reading

French Canadians Living in Ferrisburgh, VT in 1850: #12 Adeline Greenough née Dupras

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Adeline Greenough née Dupras is listed in the 1850 US Census for Ferrisburgh. She is referred to as Adaline Green on Page 295 (stamped-left page), Line 13, Household 11, with the following persons listed, respectively, on lines 12 and 14 and 15:

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A Family Affair: The Three Wives of Joseph Goulet

Canadienne, Canadien. – [ca 1750]-[ca 1780] – Archives de la Ville de Montréal, Cote CA M001 BM007-2-D27-P001

I thought you would be quite impressed by what one is allowed to define as a tight-knit community.

Want to sneak in? Follow me, but try to remain on course as the road may become winding fairly quickly!

It all began with Joseph Goulet for whom commitment was not too much of a challenge as he said Yes three times rather than once.

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The Bangle Files: #23 | John Bangle On Trial

Thanks to John Bangle, I had my very first experience in digging in Quebec Archives criminal records in Montréal. Not only was it fascinating but it also proved to be an opportunity to upgrade my knowledge for that period, namely the 1820s.

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Charles Huboux dit Tourville—Master Blacksmith

Going through the acts of Notary Public Toussaint Limoges, who practiced in Terrebonne during the period 1811-1832, I collected not fewer than 25 acts concerning Tourvilles or close family members.

Four of these were involving Charles Huboux dit Tourville.

Well, fine, but who’s who?

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