My 2018 French ChallengeAZ in 100 Words: I for Imbleau

Jean-Baptiste Imbleau—or John Amblo, as he was known in Vermont—was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec, in 1813. He is one of the earlier French Canadian settlers of Vergennes, where he also married Susan Oak in 1836. She died in 1842 and was buried in the Vergennes Burying Ground. She is one of the few people whose tombstone still stands today. Did John come to Vergennes with his widowed father? At least, we are sure he came with some of his siblings since many of them were sponsors at his children’s baptisms. John died in 1901 in Vergennes.

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  1. Diane I am very interested in your work! I am president of the Vergennes Historical Society and have done some research on the French Canadians who settled in Vergennes. Would love to do some collaboration with you!

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